Apple Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2 Review

Bye bye batteries. Apple's trio of peripherals - the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 - have had a revamp, borrowing convenience tech from the iPhone. Most noticeable is the move away from user-replaceable batteries, with the three devices all getting li-ion packs just as you'd find squeezed into the narrow frame of the iPhone 6s. That's not the only change, mind, though the extent to which your fingers will be happy will depend on how well you got on with the old designs.

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Gest glove controls computers or phones with hand movements

When you are sitting in the office using your computer, a mouse and keyboard is the ideal interface for most of us. When you are out traveling and try to work from a tablet or smartphone, a mouse and keyboard aren't ideal. This is where the Gest comes in; this device is a glove-like wearable that you place on your hand.

While you are wearing the Gest it allows you to work with your hands in an intuitive way. You can change between apps by twitching your finger or point at your screen to move the mouse around. When working in Photoshop, a twist of the plan will adjust sliders.

3D objects can be rotated by grabbing them and rotating your hand. It sounds like an interesting way to interface with your computer. Users can also program custom gestures and actions into the device. The glove has a section that slips over your palm and four finger pads that you place on your finger.

Gest is on Kickstarter seeking $100,000 and has raised over $63,000 so far with 29 days to go. You can get a Gest for $149 or more with shipping planned for November 2016.

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SOURCE: Kickstarter

New Roccat Kova gaming mouse arrives next month

Roccat has announced plans to release an update to its 2010 gaming mouse Kova[+]. The new Kova mouse (which doesn’t seem to be called anything but “Kova”) will be available in both black and white iterations starting November 17. The peripheral features an ambidextrous design, making it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed gamers, and it is coupled with new features that improve performance and functionality over the past model.

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Sensel Morph puts Force Touch-style tech into customizable pad: Hands-on

What the iPhone did for touchscreens, so startup Sensel hopes to do for multitouch with Morph, a pressure-sensing touchpad for artists, gamers, and musicians. Embedding a rechargeable array of more than 20,000 touch- and pressure-sensitive sensors into a flat tablet roughly the size of an iPad, Morph can tell not only where you're touching but how hard each press is, with interchangeable overlays to tailor those touches to different apps.

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Microsoft’s folding Bluetooth keyboard plays nice with all

Microsoft's Universal Folding Keyboard has finally hit store shelves, with the platform-agnostic wireless peripheral playing nicely with phones and tablets. Shown off back in March alongside a pair of midrange Lumia phones, the keyboard hooks up over Bluetooth and has a dedicated switching button at the top which allows it to flick between two different devices. That way, so the theory goes, you could be typing on your iPad one moment, then flip to your Android smartphone the next.

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Logitech MX Master Review – The ambitious mouse

Turns out, mouse design is a serious business. Logitech has spent several years designing its new flagship peripheral, the MX Master, capable of embracing not just one but three of your computers, and even coaxing loyal trackpad users back into the fold. It also sees the return of one of Logitech's more contentious features, a slick scroll wheel with some fancy friction. I pushed my Magic Trackpad to one side to give the MX Master the chance to win me over; read on for the full review.

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Opho Keys hands-on: gTar’s modular keyboard follow-up

Back in 2012, gTar creator Idan Beck decided to squeeze an iPhone into a guitar controller and make a digital instrument; now, he's looking to do the same with the keyboard. Keys is a modular keyboard designed for mobile musicians, bypassing the complexity - and unnecessary button cruft - of existing mobile MIDI instruments, and instead focusing on flexibility. I caught up with Beck to test out my finger skills, and hear why Keys has potential for more than just magnetically-built modular controllers.

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SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker streaming here at CES 2015

CES is a place for everyone, whether you're a smartphone aficionado, a TV nut, or even a pro gamer. Making it's way to CES 2015 is SteelSeries' Sentry, its eye tracking accessory co-developed by Tobii who has its own EyeX tracking technology. This peripheral was designed to help pro gamers make the best out of their training sessions, but this time SteelSeries is revealing a slightly odd new feature to the system, allowing even streaming viewers to see what a player is looking at.

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KOR-FX gaming vest lets your body feel what your ears hear

Wiimote, PS Eye/Camera/Move, Kinect, Oculus VR. Gaming, at least the hardcore kind, is moving towards a trend that ditches controllers and screens for the instruments that we already have: our bodies. But while our eyes, ears, and hands are more less fooled and pulled into the illusion, the rest of our bodies aren't so much. Until now, that is. Introducing KOR-FX, a gaming vest with a haptic feedback system. In short, it lets your upper torso feel almost everything you should be feeling if you were actually living inside the game.

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