DAP M2000 Rugged PDA debuts

DAP M2000 Rugged PDA debuts

The PDA might be dead for the average consumer, but for the mobile worker needing a computing device that can be operated with one hand and is rugged enough to survive drops and the rigors of work on the road the PDA is still alive and kicking. DAP Tech has unveiled a new line of rugged PDAs called the M2000 series that includes the M2010 and M2020 PDAs.

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GETAC PS535F rugged PDA with GPS, altimeter & compass

GETAC PS535F rugged PDA with GPS, altimeter & compass

GETAC have announced their latest super-rugged PDA, the GPS-equipped PS535F, complete with MIL-STD 810F compliance and IP54 certification.  The PS535F has a sunlight-readable 3.5-inch VGA touchscreen and an integrated 3-megapixel autofocus camera, together with an altimeter and electronic compass, and runs Windows Mobile 6.1.

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Palm’s CES Press Conference: We’ve got it covered

Palm’s CES Press Conference: We’ve got it covered

Just a heads up - we're covering Palm's Press Conference at CES and liveblogging it over at live.slashgear.com.  This is a very important moment for Palm.  The Nova has created high expectations and, from what we've seen, this could be the landmark event of CES.

Will this be the shot of life the company needs or are the curtains closing on the once dominant PDA giant?  Watch our liveblog and find out!

IMOVIO iKIT is like a PDA from the past

IMOVIO iKIT is like a PDA from the past

Remember when PDAs were really cool? Now that PDA functions have been incorporated into smartphones and netbooks, their presence has ceased to be as relevant. But apparently IMOVIO doesn't think so. 

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Paul Frank’s line of Verizon accessories

Paul Frank is known for their clothing and accessories and they are teaming up with Verizon Wireless. They have created a line of stylish Paul Frank mobile accessories, custom for all Verizon gadgets of course.

They fit most of the Verizon PDAs and phones. The pouches come in a few different styles with about three different designs printed on each one. One of the designs being the classic Paul Frank monkey.

The prices range from $14.99-$24.99 just depending on which case you get. The cases are available both online and in the Verizon store.

Paul Frank PDA, cellphone cases and pouches [via techie diva]

Hands-on with HTC Shift reveals oddly unpolished Windows Mobile

The lucky lovelies over at pcdebolso.com managed to acquire (let's ask no questions) a pre-production HTC Shift for five days, and proceeded to examine it both from the perspective as a compact, Vista-running UMPC and as a large, Windows Mobile-running PDA.  Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the Shift although impressive doesn't manage to succeed 100% in both categories; what is surprising, though, is that it appears HTC have made some bizarre concessions which in certain cases render the Shift less useful than a far cheaper device.


Mitac deals out GPS-packing MIO P560 PDA

Over the weekend the lucky Hungarians behind 220Volt managed to get their hands on Mitac's latest MIO handheld, the P560, and reviewed it to within an inch of its slick little life.  Now my Hungarian language skills are sadly lacking, but the compact Windows Mobile 6 device looks pretty impressive (if you're in the market for a PDA).

HP’s new Smartphone & PDA range: more details, better photos

Cast out the blurry photo of the two new HP iPAQ smartphones we showed you yesterday; Swedish site Mobil.Se has come up with the goods and found decent images of the full range of smartphones and PDAs expected to hit the market before the end of the year.  Still top of the pile is the iPAQ 914, with 7.2Mbps HSDPA, WiFi b/g, 3-megapixel camera, A-GPS and 2.46-inch touchscreen running Windows Mobile 6 Pro with some added Google Maps goodness; figure it to drop in November for 5500 SEK (around $800) unsubsidised.


HTC Shift Reviewed

So Mr. Hugo Ortega over at Gottabemobile got the HTC Shift for about 60 hours to use in a presentation and, for the reason we are here now, to review it. What does he think about it? In a nutshell, he loves it.

So what does this UMPC have going for it that others don’t? First it does double duty as both a PDA and a UMPC. It does so by having two separate processors and corresponding OS’s that it can switch between with the touch of a button. The first is a Qualcomm 400MHz processor that powers the Windows Mobile 6 OS, in this mode the battery will last almost a week. However, push the button and switch on the Intel processor at 800MHz and Windows Vista Business, and the battery life is drastically cut to a mere 3 hours.

Video after the jump.

TDS Recon 200X – Rugged PDA Can Stand Up To Fifth Grade Bully

Great for contractors, military personnel, or those looking to reenact their favorite high-impact video games, the TDS Recon 200X is one tough PDA. Meeting Mil. Spec. for drops, vibrations, and extreme temperatures is no easy venture for a PDA, I mean I doubt you’ll see anyone in Iraq with an iPhone.

Revolutionary PDA has a hidden cell phone hidden inside

Just imagine, you're working on a document on your PDA, and suddenly you realize that you're missing an important detail. Wouldn't it be great if you could just flip over that PDA, and slide out a stand-alone phone? That way you could make a call and find out the facts without having to carry around two separate devices.

Palm makes the switch to Linux

Palm has just announced that their next generation of PalmOS will actually be Linux-based. This is certainly a big switch, as Palm is known for keeping their OS proprietary. I'm sure that hackers around the world will rejoice at the change.

No word on what prompted the move, but apparently it will not be using the Access Linux Platform that was developed by PalmSource. They will instead be using software such as Opera and ChatterEmail for browsing and messaging.

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