parenting gadgets

The Pee-Pee Teepee

If you’ve ever had to change a baby boy’s diaper you have likely had to deal with the fear that he might decide to go before you can get the new diaper in place. These cones are slightly humorous but they do have definite practical uses.


The Man in the Moon lamp for all of the young’uns

You ever come across a child’s room and realize that they have better stuff than you do? Well this KICO Lunardo Man on the Moon Pendant Children’s Light Massive (or the KLMMPCLM for short) I’m pretty sure is nicer than any lamp in my house.


NScessity compact baby monitor – adds a little more freedom to parenting

Alright, so we have already come to the conclusion that even baby monitors are not allowed to be normal anymore. Many women are against the video monitors saying they made them too anal about their child’s safety. However, I seriously doubt that they could argue over how convenient the NScessity compact baby monitor would be.


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