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webOS 1.3.2 speeds up Palm Pixi; 1.3.5 imminent

A sprinkling of webOS news this morning, as both a new update gets pushed out to Palm Pixi owners and a future update is tipped.  Palm Pixi owners are reporting that webOS 1.3.2 is being pushed to their handsets, though there's still no sign on Palm's Pixi software page, and while we're lacking an official changelog the new firmware is tipped to speed up how the smartphone handles multiple open applications.

As for the rumored future update, that's believed to be webOS 1.3.5 and expected to arrive in mid-December.  The news was revealed by a loose-lipped O2 Germany rep, apparently, who explained that one of 1.3.5's tweaks will be to fix an SMS bug that roughly halves the character limit after a special letter is entered.

Palm Pixi hitting Sprint October 20th?

Having played with the Palm Pixi early last month, we've been looking forward to the super-slim candybar's full launch and the opportunity to take the second webOS smartphone for a second spin.  According to the Boy Genius Report's latest source, the Pixi is set to hit shelves - in both Sprint and Best Buy retail locations - on October 20th, which if true means there are only a few weeks to wait.

gDial Pro Google Voice app hits Palm Pre, plus 9 other titles

We'll never argue with more apps showing up for the Palm Pre - after all, they just pave the way for a software download frenzy on the Palm Pixi when that arrives later in 2009 - so we're glad to hear of another two webOS titles fresh to the Palm Beta App Catalog.  First up is gDial Pro, an app which can be used to access and manage your Google Voice account; second comes iLike Concerts, a tool which looks out for your preferred artists and flags up nearby performances.

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Palm Pre price slashed to $150

In case you didn't spot it among all the live shots of the Palm Pixi and our hands-on video, Sprint have dropped the price of the Palm Pre from $199.99 to $149.99, presuming you're willing to sign up to a two-year contract.  The first sticker cut the webOS smartphone has seen since its launch several months ago, the reduction suggests that Sprint are aiming for a roughly $99.99 tag for the Pixi when it launches later in the year.

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