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Is webOS 2.0 Coming to Palm Devices in Q1 2011?

Possibly. After having been promised HP webOS 2.0 by the end of 2010, Palm users are still having a little bit of a cry circle. If they'd like to have it, they certainly can, but going to the story to purchase a Palm Pre 2 wasn't exactly what most Palm users were looking for. That's bush league, man! According to Germany's O2 Twitter account, webOS 2.0 wont be loaded to Palm devices now until the first quarter of 2011. WHYYY? I WANT IT NOW!

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Sprint Palm Pixi gets WiFi transplant from Pre Plus [Video]

The absence of WiFi from Sprint's Palm Pixi was all the more galling when Verizon's version, the Pixi Plus, went on sale with its extra shot of wireless.  One owner, PreCentral forum member gitit20, decided that the original Pixi was ripe for a shot of DIY modding, and so he's transplanted the wireless card from a Verizon Palm Pre Plus into his Pixi and got the whole thing running.

Video demo after the cut

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Palm App Catalog glitch locks out webOS users

Palm's App Catalog appears to have suffered a meltdown of sorts, with users of Palm Pre, Pixi, Pre Plus and Pixi Plus handsets reporting that after having downloaded a new title - whether paid or free - no aftermarket software will run properly.  The issue remains even after fully erasing and restarting the phone; in fact, the apps are still installed even after that process is completed.  However core functionality - calls, messaging and data - are all unaffected.

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The Daily Slash: April 19th 2010

Did you make it through your weekend all right? We certainly hope so, because we're glad you could make it here tonight for the newest Daily Slash. Tonight, in the Best of R3, we've got a Motorola flip phone that runs Android, the iPad's got two different ways to find out if you dunked it in water, and finally a phone that's become a reality. And then, in the dredge 'net, we have a chandelier made of OLED panels, a suspended transit train, and then presumably more bad news for Palm.

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Palm CEO talks webOS, Verizon & tablet licensing

Find yourself talking to Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, and the furore of speculation, leaks and general rumors are bound to come up. "They've been incessant since I joined the company" Rubinstein told SlashGear today, as we talked to the chief executive about the possibilities of takeovers, webOS devices of tomorrow and how Palm has learnt from the poorly handled Verizon launch. Media-savvy, confident about his company's future and bracingly honest about Palm's shortcomings, the picture Rubinstein paints is one of a plucky little firm with an exciting product roadmap to come.

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Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus O2 Germany launch on April 28th

Having been spotted last month tiptoeing through the GCF in GSM form, the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus have been confirmed for launch on O2 Germany.  Announced with a tweet from the carrier's account, the two webOS smartphones will apparently go up for sale on April 28th.  While there's no word from O2's other European arms, the assumption is that the two handsets will see similar launches in Spain, Ireland and the UK.

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The Daily Slash: April 5th 2010

Welcome to the Daily Slash. If this is your first time 'round these parts, doubly welcome! We're happy to bring you the latest and greatest in the tech news every day, but some times we can't fit it all in the normal flow of the work day. So, here's our friendly wrap-up, where we even manage to wrap it up in a bow tie (if you wish hard enough). Tonight, we've got The Best of R3 Media to start off the night (a brand new feature that we're adding to the Daily Slash from here on out). And then, as we jump into the meat and bones, we'll take a look at a website that makes picking your seats for your next Major League Baseball game so much easier. Next, a jacket that's made for your iPad, a car of the future, and we finally have some good news for the company that brought us webOS. So, let's get crackin'.

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Verizon slash Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus pricing, Mobile Hotspot now free

Palm's attempt to turn webOS devices into financial security continues apace, with Verizon slashing prices of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to $49.99 and $29.99 respectively.  In addition, Verizon have also slashed away the subscription fee for Mobile Hotspot functionality, which turns the Pre Plus or the Pixi Plus into a MiFi-style 3G sharing hotspot for up to five WiFi clients.

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O2 UK getting Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus in April 2010?

Could Palm's attempt to reinvigorate their dreary financial performance include adding the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to their O2 line-up?  That's the rumor over at Tracy & Matt, who have received an anonymous tip claiming that the two devices will arrive in April 2010.  O2 have already been offering the GSM version of the Palm Pre for some months now, but so far the Pixi - which has a smaller display and candybar form-factor - is yet to make an appearance outside of the US.

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