Be the envy of the entire course with the Golf Cruiser

I've been known to play a couple of rounds of golf in my day. I mean that quite literally, I've only played a couple of times. I usually go to make the people with feel better, because no matter how bad they're doing, I'm always doing worse. If they had these buggies on the golf course, I might actually be encouraged to play more often.

Solar-powered pool cleaner leaves your water clean enough to drink

If you're looking for an alternative to dumping chemicals in your pool all summer long, you might want to check out this cool gadget from Smart Home.

The Capsule Turntable Room by Lane Hamley Wells

If you have some elaborate mansion with lots of crazy mechanisms, you might as well have some hi-tech furniture for your patio too. This Capsule Turntable Room is just the thing to have on hot days in the sun.

The Spitwad Launcher – for long range spitwads

Nothing brings back memories of the good old days in elementary school like spitwads. Today’s kids are raised on video games, televisions in every room, and pretty much any other hi-tech devise you can think of. Well why shouldn’t they update the classic spitwad?

The Cobb Portable BBQ Grill

Don’t quite need a full-size grill? This Cobb Portable BBQ Grill might be just the thing for you, especially if you are stuck in an apartment.

The SolarSafe reminds you to keep your kids covered in the sun

Worried about your children's skin getting too exposed to the sun? This SolarSafe might be just the simple reminder you need to keep them covered in all that gooey sunblock.

The Solar Mosquito Guard

Even summer has its down sides, shocking, but true. One of them is you always have to wear that nasty bug repellent if you are going into the great outdoors. Well this solar anti-mosquito guard might be just the alternative to keep you from smelling like repellent all the time.

The Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer

Tired of cleaning your pool? Well this isn’t quite as nice as having your own personal pool boy, but the Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer might at least make things a little more entertaining.

The Travel Pocket Well: purifies unsafe water

Summer days for some of us bring trips and vacations of all kinds. For some it means Disney Land and for others it means roughing it out in the wild for a while. Well for those that are going to be out in the middle of nowhere this Pocket Travel Well might be just the thing to take with you on your journey.

The Waterproof lamp looks a little spooky

Looking forward to finally getting to use that pool that has been calling your name all winter? Well many that do enjoy swimming occasionally like to do so at night and this gadget called Waterproof is just the thing for that.

Latest Treos to get OtterBox protection

A quick trawl through the SlashGear archives and you'll see that OtterBox have already proved their worth in somewhat extreme circumstances, so when they launch a new product we know they mean business.  It's Vincent's new Treo 755p that they've set their sights on this time, offering up not only a way to keep it safe from dust, spills and, um, falling bricks, but to keep using it at the time.


The Camp Stove Toaster – for all of your summer outings

Is all this warm weather leaving you with dreams of camping and frolicking in the great outdoors? Just be careful out there, all those hours hiding away in your basement probably left you pretty white (Scott Barr), you might want to add a little sunblock. Well this Camp Stove Toaster might make camping a little more convenient for you this summer.

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