Sonim Technologies Teams up Land Rover, unveils rugged Mobile Phones

Mobile phone makers are known to partner up with devoted designers for fashionista. Sonim technologies looks to change the trend, focuses in alternate lifestyle audiences by bringing in all-terrain automaker Land Rover, co-branding rugged and eco-friendly mobile phones for outdoor adventurers.

Solus Speakers with look and feel of real rock for outdoor entertainment

Planning on a backyard, barbecue or pool party? Summer is not over yet, there is still time to showcase your hard-work garden and beautiful landscape with style. Take the party outdoor with Solus’s newest High-Resolution Rock series speakers. It combines aesthetic design and high performance sound quality for hot summer outdoor entertainment.

Asteroids Lamp for chic gamers

This may not be a product officially sold through the people that created the game Asteroids. It is still just as cool and by no means are small novelty lamps.

The lo-tech Mowercycle

As a kid I used to beg my parents to just buy a mower that I didn't have to push around the yard. Yet if they had managed to pick up one of these, I think I'd have wished for the usual push mower back.

Garden Zombie protects your flowers from small children

When you walk by most peoples' gardens, you'll see some kind of cute statue, maybe of a gnome, or a deer. Those are nice and all, but what if you want something a little bit scary for your garden? I don't know about you, but I love this Garden Zombie.

Garmin Oregon waterproof 3D GPS with touchscreen leaked

Details of Garmin's upcoming GPS range refresh have been revealed at Buy.com, suggesting a new range of handheld GPS receivers.  The Oregon 200 will include a 3-inch color touchscreen (that's outdoor-readable), high-sensitivity GPS, electronic compass, barometric altimeter and temperature sensor.  Map data will be courtesy of a 3D basemap as well as a digital elevation model, so hills shouldn't be too much of a surprise, and the Oregon is waterproof.

The LED Bench seems a bit pointless

Add this one to the section of random devices now with added LED lights. I'm not entirely sure it was necessary but I suppose it does look cool.

The bench is obviously weather resistant, so you can use it both indoors and out. It glows either one color or you can program it to change between several colors.

It's supposed to be relaxing or something along those lines. This 95w bench is made by a German company and to find out more on pricing you'll have to actually contact them (which is never good news).

The Green Machine H2O for drive by dousing

As a kid I was always tagging along with my slightly younger brother. That typically meant that I didn't play with Barbies much, I had a big wheel and massive squirt guns as well as a few toy cars and some Ninja Turtles action figures. The best was always the squirt guns, although eventually it ended with one of us just making a break for it and grabbing the hose.

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