OS X Lion

Apple’s OS X Lion Golden Master first-attempt imminent?

Apple is reportedly readying a Golden Master release of OS X Lion, the next iteration of the company's Mac OS. However, while a Golden Master build is normally one step away from a complete, public release, there's talk that this particular version is only GM1 in what will be several phases of release. According to TechCrunch's sources, the upcoming OS X Lion GM1 will be the first attempt at a bug-free and full-performance version of the software.

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Mac OS X Lion HiDPI support bringing Retina Display to the desktop?

From everything Apple told us about the developer release of Mac OS X Lion yesterday, we were already excited. The AirDrop instant sharing tool promises the sort of straightforward simplicity we've grown to expect from the company, and the various usability tweaks carried over from iOS should see the platform become an interesting hybrid of sorts. Still, there's more to be revealed under the hood; MacRumors has learnt that the long-anticipated "Resolution Independence" has made it into OS X Lion, paving the way for ultra-high-resolution Retina Display style screens on MacBook Pro and Cinema Displays.

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Apple AirDrop makes OS X file sharing super-simple

Developers may be giddy over Mac OS X Lion's more advanced features - which pull in multitouch and full-screen app behaviors from iOS onto the desktop platform - but it's AirDrop that is likely to make the biggest impact on everyday users. Apple's new wireless file transfer system, AirDrop is all about making impromptu shares with the users around you, and doing it in an incredible straightforward way.

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Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview Released

While the new MacBook Pro line-up delivers the Sandy bridge update consumers have been clamoring for, Apple has something for developers too. The new developer preview of Mac OS X Lion has been released, adding full-screen app support, pinch and double-tap zoom in Safari - some of the multitouch gestures borrowed from OS X - a document saving system called Versions (which automatically saves successive versions of documents as you work on them) and AirDrop, a wireless file transfer system for drag & drop moving of documents between Macs.

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