OS X 10.6

Mac OS X 10.6.3 release imminent?

Looks like we should all brace for an Apple update; according to World of Mac's sources, the Cupertino company is readying to release Mac OS X 10.6.3.  The latest developer build of the update - 10D558 - went out recently, with the accompanying notes left unchanged; the sources "continue to insist" that it's almost ready for a general release.

Psystar agree Apple settlement deal over copyright wrangle

In an unforeseen twist to the Apple/Psystar "clone Mac" legal wrangles, the upstart clone maker has apparently inked a settlement deal that will only be called upon should all of their appeals fall flat.  The deal calls for Psystar to pay an as-yet unspecified amount in damages to Apple as well as cease pre-installing OS X onto their computers; however it may not prevent sales of OS-free machines, onto which customers would then be free to load OS X onto themselves using Psystar's Rebel EFI software tool.

Sony VAIO X gets OS X Snow Leopard

There's a lot to like about Sony's VAIO X ultraportable - its indecently-skinny build, the engineering intelligence that went into its design, and its lengthy battery life just to name a few things - but if you're less than inspired by Windows 7 then how about a Mac OS X version?  That's not one of Sony's official options, but insanelymac forum member Asama took it upon himself to throw OS X Snow Leopard onto the VAIO X himself.

To do so he used the hacked together build of Snow Leopard that's been put together for the Sony VAIO P, reasoning that many of the components used in that don't-call-it-a-netbook machine were the same as used in the VAIO X.  Happily it installed quite merrily, though as expected the WiFi doesn't work.  Where fixing that in the VAIO P is a case of taking out the wireless card and swapping in a different one, it's a more arduous task on the VAIO X since so much has been soldered into place in the name of space-saving.

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Wacom Bamboo Touch multitouch tablet sold early, video reviewed

Wacom's upcoming Bamboo Touch multitouch tablet has not only been spotted in the wild, but prematurely bought, unboxed and reviewed, all with no official word from Wacom themselves.  Meanwhile, Wacom's corporate site has confirmed that [pdf link] they've begun mass production of a Windows 7 compatible multitouch panels for notebooks, which can be combined with the company's pen sensor.

Video unboxing and review after the cut

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Lessons From a Mac OS Switcher

I used to be a total Macintosh user; however, over time, various places I worked depended on Microsoft Windows and other MSFT technologies so that I was forced to use Windows for much of what I do. I still kept using a Mac, mostly for creative work and where business use allowed, but I had to have Windows in my life. Over the last few years, Apple has created a new line of machines that more closely match my laptop needs and have made a lot of changes to their core platform OS X. The result is a combination that makes for a very compelling argument to use Macintosh full time.

EFI-X Mac hack dongle accused of stealing GNU code

EFI-X's OS X hack dongle always seemed too good to be true; according to a new report from Tom's Hardware, it really was.  The adapter promised to take a computer built from standard PC components and allow Mac OS X to be installed on it, without the usual patching and tweaking required for a regular "Hackint0sh".  However, as one EFI-X owner has discovered, it seems the company did little more than repackage Chameleon/Boot-132 bootloader code onto a DRM-encrypted USB stick.

Snow Leopard is Just Plain Cool: Gartenberg First Hands On

This fall will see the introduction of new operating system releases by the two major vendors in this space. For the first time in recent memory, Apple and Microsoft will go up against each other head to head with the newest versions of their platforms, released within weeks of each other. First up is Apple with Snow Leopard. Originally announced for a late September release, Apple surprised the market with an early ship date. Users will be able to pick up their copies starting on the 28th. Pricing for the release is $29 for Leopard users looking to upgrade. For Mac users still on Tiger, Apple offers the Snow Leopard box set which includes Snow Leopard along with the latest versions of iLife and iWork for $169.

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Apple’s Snow Leopard Makes an Unexpected Appearance

There's been all sorts of rumors and speculations and "leaks" pertaining to the supposed release date of Apple's upcoming Operating System (OS), Snow Leopard, but for one lucky guy, none of that matters. It looks like someone got an early release copy of a Snow Leopard Install Disc with their purchase of a Mac Mini.

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New Snow Leopard seeds, UI overhaul?

Apple's recent seeds of OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" are rumored to feature a new user interface that is a stark departure from the Platinum theme of OS X 10.5.  The new UI theme, code named "Marble" features a dark chrome motif that some have compared to a Windows theme.  It is rumored to used smother iTunes-like scroll bars, and light text on a dark background.

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