Microsoft Research Codex: dual OQO touchscreen digital book

Ken Hinckley, of Microsoft Research, has been working on a dual-touchscreen multi-tasking prototype called Codex, taking two of OQO's Model 2 UMPCs and using intelligent software to manage how information is spread between the displays.  Rather than manually positioning different windows on a single large screen, Ken's concept recognizes that, say, reference and in-progress documents are more appropriately separated for efficiency; it can therefore automatically adjust them to fit the two touchscreens.

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OQO reversal on Intel Atom UMPC? New Atom product hinted

OQO, makers of high-end UMPCs, may have lost their CEO but they could be gaining a new Intel Atom based version of their touchscreen device.  CEO Dennis Moore left the company this week, with company co-founder Andy Popell taking over the reigns; that seems to have loosened spokesperson Bob Rosin's tongue.  He appears to be suggesting that the prototype OQO Model 02 running an Intel Atom CPU spotted at the IDF conference back in August will, in fact, become a production product.

OQO deny imminent Atom-based UMPC: Prototype is ‘technology showcase’

OQO have confirmed that the UMPC spotted yesterday during the IDF conference is, indeed, a version of the company's ultraportable touchscreen computer running an Intel Atom CPU.  However, CEO Dennis Moore has publicly stated that the device is "a technology showcase, not an impending product announcement", prompted by Intel choosing OQO as a good example of a company catering to mobile professionals.

OQO UMPC getting Intel Atom processor

It's been some time since OQO updated their eponymous UMPC, but a change in processor looks to be on the cards.  UMPCPortal's Steve is at the IDF conference, and spotted an OQO device on stage as part of an Intel Atom presentation.

OQO outlet store now online

OQO, the makers of that amazing UMPC the OQO Model 02 now has an online outlet store where you can get refurbed (r0x0rz) models of the UMPC for $300 less than their retail versions. That means you can get the regular Model 02 for $999 or either the Sprint or VZW enabled models for $1198.

OQO dropping something new out of the blue

OQO, the makers of the original UMPC’s the OQO 01, 01+, and new 02 models (the O2 is called the E2 in Europe due to the O2 network provider). Yeah, those guys, they’re dropping something new.

It is apparently regarding a “significant Anytime/Anywhere Computing” release. Gizmodo has been further informed that it’s not just a model 02 update, but something entirely new.

OQO updates 02 model UMPCs

If you need connectivity everywhere, but don't want to carry around a bulky laptop, then chances are you've considered a UMPC. The good news for those that are still considering one is that OQO has updated their 02 lineup.

OQO2 gets HSDPA upgrade

We already know that Vincent loves the OQO2, but I've a sneaking suspicion that the one thing stopping him from proposing to the diminutive UMPC-a-like is the lack of HSDPA high-speed cellular broadband.  Well, tnkgrl has not only got an OQO2 but has already voided the warranty by proving that it's eminently possible to swap out the existing EVDO card for a Cingular HSDPA alternative.

FCC approves the OQO Model 02

For a second there, I thought OQO already got all the loving it needed from FCC. If you didn’t know, don’t worry; neither did we.

I’m going out on a limb and make the claim that the Model 02 is possibly every bloggers best friend. Why? It’s easily the smallest Windows Vista capable portable computer on the market, featuring WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WWAN, a rugged chassis made of magnesium alloy, active drop detection technology, all wrapped up in a pretty package no larger than a paperback book. The Model 02 sports a 1.5GHz VIA C7 CPU with integrated graphics, 60GB HDD, 1GB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM, and a 5-inch 800x400 resolution LCD. Are you impressed yet?

Anything this small and feature rich isn’t going to come cheap. So expect to shell out upwards of $1,800 or more depending on the configuration you want.

OQO Model 02 Gets FCC Approval [FCC website]

OQO Models past & present pose

I'm not naturally a jealous person.  Ordinarily I can be generous and forgiving of other's good fortune, without wishing them to fall down stairs or be mauled by rabid toads.  And yet seeing the photo-shoot fun tnkgrl has had posing a new, excitable OQO Model 02 and a couple of 01+ old-pros has brought me out in hives of envy.  It's not pretty; or should I say, I'm not pretty - the handheld computers certainly are!


OQO Model 2 is ready for its close-up

If all the OQO Model 02 details are increasing the moistness of your undercarriage then prepare for a gushing wealth of review splendour.  Gadget-lover Just Blaze has been playing with the dinky device, and recorded his findings in a two-part video review for The Boy Genius.  You can see the first part of the review here; for the second you'll have to follow the link...

Just Blaze OQO 2 Video Review [The Boy Genius]

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