Optimus Touch is an iPod Touch wannabe

So the Optimus Touch is nothing like the iPod Touch except for when it comes to appearances. On the outside, it looks very similar but adds several buttons, a stylus and hole for it, and a camera.

Optimus Maximus on show at Wired Store NYC

Things are racing along with the Optimus Maximus keyboard project, as the OLED-blessed 'board that Wired once included in their vaporware top-ten now features - in fully operational form, of course - at the Wired Store in NYC.  Meanwhile, the Optimus blog has been full of the final preparations for launch, documenting everything from box design and the shape of the polystyrene tray, to details of the iconography evolution. 


Sub-$500 Optimus Maximus keyboards coming soon

Those hoping to get their hands on the uber-expensive (and equally cool-looking) Optimus Maximus keyboard are going to be a bit disappointed. They've completely sold out of their first run. The good news is that those that already preordered will be getting their units as early as next month, and new (lower) prices are on the way.

Optimus Maximus plays with crowd in Moscow

Whenever we or anybody else reports on developments in Art Lebedev's Optimus Maximus camp, someone invariably pops up shouting "render!"  Well, either the Optimus guys are getting a whole lot better with their Photoshop skills, or they really did show off a working prototype of the OLED-keyed 'board yesterday in their Moscow store.


Optimus Maximus OLED key video demo

Look beyond the rubbish camera work and here we have the first live video of Optimus' Maximus keyboard showing video on one of its OLED screens.  And while whoever was filming didn't tweak their focus well enough to give much of an impression of screen quality, at least the frame-rate appears to be reasonable - after all, you're unlikely to be watching a full-length feature film on your F11 key!

Optimus Maximus passes tests but still may be further delayed

I know, I know, we said we'd take it easy on the Optimus Maximus coverage, but Art Lebedev's cunning OLED "all things to all men (as long as they're rich)" keyboard is due to grab headlines again with some further good and bad news.  The former is that in recent testing (as seen in this photo) the Maximus passed preliminary wireless interference tests required for CE and FCC approval; the bad is that a potential shortage of OLED controller supplies (it's just like Optimus Prime all over again; there'll be a lot of disappointed kids on Christmas morning) may push the release schedule back once again.


White Optimus madness sweeps internet

Perhaps it's a slow Friday, perhaps white is the new black, or perhaps people just love renders of unreleased keyboards, but Optimus' news that their Maximus OLED keyboard will have - shock horror! - a white casing, rather than the black or dark-grey so far seen in images, has flooded the internet.


Optimus Maximus keys assimilated by Microsoft

Although I well accept that I'm only feeding the hype by posting photos, it's so nice to see an Optimus Maximus keyboard actually showing something other than dull coloured blocks on each key that I'm saying "sod it" and posting anyway. 


Optimus Maximus – It’s real, and in Moscow

Man, it seems like the people over in Moscow get everything cool before the rest of the world. I admit that might be a bit of an overstatement. In fact, I can't think of anything off the top of my head that people in Moscow have gotten before it has shown up in the US. Except for the Optimus Maximus keyboard that is.

Optimus actually put together their OLED keyboard

Good grief, is this an actual, real-life, not-a-render photo of Optimus' Maximus "each key an OLED" keyboard?  Pieced together to show the difference between the tinted clear key-caps (e.g. the non-single-sized keys in this photo) and the untinted keys (all the single keys), it has the honour of being the first ever working prototype we've seen.


Click here for the full-sized image

Release date set for Optimus Maximus

It seems that the highly anticipated (and priced) Optimus Maximus keyboard has finally gotten a release date.

Optimus Maximus finds new hardware supplier with better screens

What's that, good news coming from the guys and gals over at Art Lebedev Studios?  Sometimes it feels like you're tempting fate just mentioning the Optimus keyboard; much like in Peter Pan where just saying "I don't believe in fairies" kills one of the little flutterers, any positive mention of the keyboard-of-screens results in a dead OLED supplier. 

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