Optimus Aux is new name for Pultius OLED keypad

Optimus Aux is new name for Pultius OLED keypad

Optimus Labs' Pultius prototype - a numeric keypad using the OLED-embedded keys from the company's full-sized Maximus keyboard - will likely be released with the name Optimus Aux, according to the latest post on the company blog.  The fifteen key add-on will offer a lower-priced point of entry to people wanting customizable keys but unable to afford the full Maximus.


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Optimus Minimus swaps OLED for glue-based custom keyboard

Optimus Minimus swaps OLED for glue-based custom keyboard

I'm not entirely sure if this is meant to be some late (or early) April Fools joke, but Optimus - the company behind the Maximus OLED keyboard - are apparently set to release the Optimus Minimus, a very low-tech version of customizable keys.  Basically a number of sheets of stickers, Minimus will be available in Latin, Cyrillic and Photoshop layouts.

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Optimus Pultius: add an OLED keypad to your regular keyboard

Optimus have announced a new upcoming product, the Pultius, which is intended to be an addition rather than a replacement to your normal keyboard.  Consisting of fifteen OLED keys similar in layout to that of a numeric keypad, it could be used for triggering programmes, websites or even macros for gaming or art apps.

Optimus Popularis 3D prototype shot released

After teasing with a foam mockup, Art Lebedev Studios have released the first 3D prototype shot of the in-development Optimus Popularis keyboard.  The keyboard is shorter than the original Optimus Maximus, with the extra row of shortcut keys moved from the left of the main keys to above the function keys.  However it seems to share the same each-key-a-display setup, although the space key display is now full-length rather than the small square OLED on the Maximus.

Optimus Popularis sub-$1k follow-up to Maximus shuns OLED

Art Lebedev Studios, the team behind the Optimus Maximus keyboard, have released some fresh (if scant) detail on their next project.  Named Optimus Popularis, as the name suggests it's another keyboard but one aimed more at general consumers.  Estimating a sub-$1,000 final pricetag, it apparently won't use OLEDs for the keys but "will be based on a totally different principle".

Opimus Maximus up for sale on ThinkGeek

What's the coolest keyboard that you've seen? I wouldn't be surprised if you said the Optimus Maximus. Honestly, that's probably the coolest one I've ever seen too. It seems that ThinkGeek is pretty impressed with it as well, so impressed, that they have decided to add it to their site for purchase.

Art.Lebedev not ending the Optimus line with its current production keyboard

Today Artemy himself said on his LiveJournal that they are moving forward with the idea behind the Optimus keyboard. But for seemingly sheer cost related issues they are passing on the 100+ OLED screens.

Optimus Mini goes Bluetooth wireless

After silencing critics who never believed their OLED keyboard would reach prototype stage, never mind be on sale, Art Lebedev have announced their plans for the next generation of Optimus Mini.  The original consisted of three keys, each with OLED displays; this version three will have one sensor divided into three zones, and will connect to a computer wirelessly via Bluetooth.

"We're starting to work on a completely new design of Optimus mini. Main direction: to have something like 'mini Tactus'. One small sensor display divided into three (maybe more) zones.  On the top of our wish list is wireless capabilities (a lot of people use Optimus mini three to control Power Point presentations)" Art Lebedev blog

Optimus Maximus from Art.Lebedev has finally arrived

The team over at Engadget HQ have managed to get their hands on an Optimus Maximus keyboard presumably for review purposes. They’ve made an attempt to enlighten us to some facts we may or may not like to here so we may be able to make better purchase decisions.

Teleport 2.0 by Art Lebedev – in Russia the phone call records you

On a more serious note, this thing does connect your landline/phone to your PC allowing your computer to record who called and when and even record the actual phone call. So you can get your Patriot Act on and do some wiretapping of your own.

First Optimus Maximus hits eBay

As expected, the first Optimus Maximus hit eBay, and with an official sticker price of around $1,500 if you're looking to buy one from Art Lebedev, one can only imagine how much the seller here is expecting.  The keyboard is presumably from the first batch which quickly sold out, and is being offered with free shipping "so that you can impress your friends before you start to suffer from buyers remorse"


Art Lebedev Optimus Tactus keyboard concept

Art Lebedev, known mostly for their oft delayed OLED keyboard, has another keyboard concept, and this one is even more genius, and might even be cheaper to produce. Sure, the OLED keys on their Optimus keyboard are cool, but imagine a keyboard you could hang on the wall because its displaying art when not in use.

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