Broadcom acquires Sunext Design, will develop Blu-Ray SoC solution with optical recorders

At present, the top three System-On-A-Chip aka SoC maker for Blu-Ray technology are Sigma Design, Broadcom and Panasonic UniPhier. Majority of current Blu-ray players are coming from sigma Design’s SMP8634 SoC, but the company may face the toughest challenge with its rival's recent acquisition of Sunext Design.

Optical USB mouse with vacuum built in

These people and their mice modifications make me sick sometimes, but alas, I bring you the latest and greatest in mouse multi-functionality. This 800dpi optical mouse has a small vacuum built into it.

Breathalyzer for disease, probably won’t result in a ticket if you’re infected

The scientists at NIST have come up with a new breathalyzer that could be used to detect if you have certain diseases. The long of it is calling it the “cavity-enhanced direct optical frequency comb spectroscopy” I like breathalyzer for disease better though.

Yashica DVC825 and rest of brand returning

Yashica, the brand, is returning with some new digital and film cameras. The DVC825 seems to be from their higher end and is a digital camera that looks simply amazing.

Plextor PX-B300SA and PX-B920SA HD optical drives

Plextor has been known as one of the leaders in manufacturing the best in the optical drive market, and these two are no different. Both support SATA, and can read and write to both CD’s and DVD’s, but the catch is what they can do with the new HD optical formats.

DVico TVIX Trash can shaped DVR almost as useful as R2-D2

It’s an HD network multimedia play that is also a PVR and HDTV Tuner. It can playback HD (and I assume SD is no problem either) content from its hard drive, USB ports, or from any computer connected to it via the local area network.

3-in-1 mouse adds a speaker and microphone

This 2-button plus scroll wheel mouse has a couple of other functions as well, namely it has a built in speaker and microphone so you can use it for VoIP calls. The mouse is a low 800dpi optical mouse, but that should be sufficient for on the go as you probably wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these unless you were on the go.

Canon has some new mammoth lenses

The first, and apparently the largest is the 800 millimeter lens with a f-stop of 5.6. Its not coming until May, but when it does, it will cost more than some new cars.

Apple’s new USB SuperDrive is only useful if you have a MacBook Air

Those of you who have already opted not to buy a new MacBook Air, but were more interested in the $99 SuperDrive that you could get for the MacBook air had better look the other way. It turns out Apple has somehow made it so that the USB connected/powered SuperDrive is only useable with the MacBook Air and that’s it.

CES 2008: Daytona II Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse

If words like chrome, rubber and Daytona get your heart pumping and you happen to be in the market for a wireless mouse, then you’re sure to love this one. Its wheel is chrome accented, it has a rubber tread and of course it’s called the DAYTONA II.

Belkin Washable Mouse put through its paces

So there’s a guy over at GearLog, he got a Belkin Washable mouse. He must have instantly asked himself, “why is this thing billed as washable?”

Addonics Rolls Out HD-DVD Blu-Ray Combo Drive

The Addonics Zebra family joins the Hi-Def venture with the release of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD combo player. The multiple functional optical drive also supports legacy DVD, DVD DL, CD and burns DVD±R/RW and CDRW media . Bundled with Cyberlink High-Def Suite, it enables PC user to have one universal optical drive solution for standard and HD multimedia playback.

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