Luxury hard glass Crystal CD packs JVC’s K2HD audio technology

Listen up, golden ears; If the Blu-Spec CD didn’t get your attention, the newer join-ventured of JVC’s K2HD audio coding and Japan largest optical disk manufacturer would, at least the price. Yes, the Japanese audio geeks are at it again. Victor Entertainment, a division of JVC has released a trio of Classical audio CD with “Super Excellent Glass” mastering process – a married product of JVC’s k2HD audio processing onto the cutting-edge high durability, high stability and high sound quality reproducibility glass manufacturing process CD from Memory-Tech.

Plextor announces new optical drives

Plextor announces new optical drives

Plextor has just announced several new optical drives that round out their line up for the rest of the year. All of your bases are covered with these new offerings, including Blu-ray lovers to DVD±RW admirers.

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Sky Factory creates optical illusions for your window

Many of us have lived in apartments or homes that have had awful views of the outdoors from the window. My blinds have actually never opened, a pretty view of the lovely parking lot is just not enough of a motivation to open those blinds.

Google’s Recycled Mini Wireless Mouse

If you need to snag yourself a new optical mouse, you might consider Google's earth friendly ones. Although it is still just a mouse, with nothing fancy added, having one that is environmentally conscience is nice.

Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 – the waterproof Xacti you’ve been longing for

This new Xacti is waterproof, to an extent. The thing is, its not some weak extent like you can splash it and probably still be safe, no, you can take this thing up to 1.5 meters deep and hold and use it there for up to an hour.

Nikon CoolPix S52 and S52c digital cameras – thin and light

Using Nikon’s Wave-Surface camera body these two cameras look amazing and offer up 9MP of photographic goodness. You also get a 3x NIKKOR optical zoom and OVR or optical vibration reduction as well as up to ISO 3200 shots.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 gets new special edition colors for the Spring

These mice are a classic, but a fan favorite. They might even be, dare I say, the best mobile mice you can get, and they almost never change. But, they recently received a Special Edition color upgrade including two fruits, a plant, and two creams.

Those colors are Pomegranate, which is red; Dragon Fruit, which is dark pink; Aloe, which is green; Milk Chocolate, which is brown; and Crème Brule, which is khaki colored. Also, regardless of my own personal opinion of how great this mouse is, it was the number on best selling notebook mouse in the U.S.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX520 – now with touch-screen

Panasonic is announcing a new addition to their Lumix line of digital cameras. This particular one has a touchscreen on the back, 5x optical zoom, a 10.1MP shot and a mega wide-angel Leica DC lens measuring at 25mm wide.

Cybernet ZPC computer-in-a-keyboard computer design gets some hardware upgrades

These things aren’t exactly new hack, but last time I read about them they had mediocre hardware inside. Now they are pushing quad-core processors, X3100 graphics, 4GB of RAM, and slim-line optical drives.

Sanyo Xacti CG9 – new, more user friendly Xacti

This is the latest effort from Sanyo to penetrate the market of the common/casual user with their video cameras. It still supports H.264 video which is great for those major YouTube uploaders out there, but its been fattened up due to surveys of the general public.

Canon drops three new ELPHs – for all your compact awesomeness needs

Canon drops three new ELPHs – for all your compact awesomeness needs

They are as follows: the SD890, SD790, and SD770. All of those model names also have Canon, PowerShot, IS, Digital, and ELPH all thrown into each of them somewhere as well, there’s more than that which they all have in common as well.

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GMC Slim LP case lineup – puts the optical drives outside, in the doghouse

All of the computer cases from this lineup look amazing, but one catch they have is that they all feature external, but yet still internal, optical disc drives. I put it like that because each of the external ODD’s have a case that is themed after the main computer case and they have a direct line to the inside of the computer where I would assume they’d connect via SATA or IDE.

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