Hacao Classmate PC lands in Vietnam

With a 7” screen, its own version of Linux, 1GB of flash storage, a 900MHz processor and 256MB of RAM it has landed in Vietnam for the low, low price of $250, if you are a student. The screen has an 800x480 resolution and the system has a 400MHz bus, I also left out the 802.11b/g WiFi that is stuffed in there somewhere.

OLPC went on sale for public consumers – Give one get one

OLPC went on sale for public consumers – Give one get one

OLPC is available for the US and Canada public starting today. For $399, the customer will receive two OLPC, one for the customer and one for a child in the developing country. Customer will also receive one year of free Wi-Fi access.

The OLPC availability is limited, the sale will start on 12th of November and ends on 26th of November. I know you can get Asus Eee for the same price; however buying OLPC also helps a child in developing countries.

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T-Mobile offering free year of HotSpot service to OLPC buyers

Few people will argue the fact that the OLPC project is one with noble intentions. Sure, you could say that the money could be better spent on feeding the hungry, but educating the children of third world countries is also necessary for their survival. Unfortunately, many people are going to look at the steep $400 price tag and wonder if it is worth paying.

Yes, the fact that you payed twice as much for a laptop to ensure that a child in some third world country gets one should make you feel all fuzzy inside and make it all worth while. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way, and they need a little more initiative to make the donation. Thankfully, T-Mobile has stepped up and made it more than worth your while.

XO, OLPC, $100 laptop, whatever you call it, the first 100k of them have been sold

So many names, so few actual orders, as I understand it, the actual machine is called the XO, the OLPC is that name of the initiative behind it, and stands for One Laptop Per Child. The $100 laptop was a thing of the past back when they thought they could get it done for that price, now it’s a lot closer to $188.

Anyways, NickNeg has learned a lot about how things actually work in the business world and has learned the hardware that money talks and BS runs marathons. Sure, there were several countries that he shook hands with their heads and leaders saying they were going to buy a bunch of his laptops, but Uruguay is the first to actually hand over the dough.

Chinese production ‘bugs’ delay first shipment of OLPC laptops

Thanks to production delays that have seen a scheduled October start pushed back to November 12th, the OLPC "XO-1" laptop - previously known as the $100 laptop, but the price of which crept up t $188 at the last count - will not begin to deliver until December at the earliest. Blamed on "last-minute bugs", the hold up has cast doubts on whether One Laptop Per Child will be able to fulfil Christmas orders both to Peru, Uruguay and South America, as well as to the North America and Canada customers who will be able to pre-order the machine as part of the company's "Give 1 Get 1" scheme.

OLPC to go on-sale in US from November 12th

The "One Laptop Per Child" project has come in for some stick recently thanks to the spate of price hikes, but don't let that put you off too much; early testers have come away feeling incredibly positive about the OLPC, both the innovative OS and the clever hardware design.  Now, with government orders conspicuous by their absence, the team behind the laptop is offering to prematurely sell you one - that is, if you buy one for you and one for a child in a developing country.


OLPC hands-on shows you still get plenty for your $188

Reading LAPTOP Magazine's hands-on experience of the OLPC (formerly the $100 laptop, currently the $188 laptop) the one thing that leaped out at me was the ease of networking.  Designed for use in areas sometimes disconnected from the internet, the OLPC relies on mesh networks of interconnected units that - if their experience is anything to go by - blows networking on "grown up" computers out of the water.  One-click to create a shared environment - magic!


OLPC – $100 laptop now up to $188

Back when the One Laptop Per Child program was announced, people were overjoyed by the cost of the notebook. A stunning $100 goal was set. Unfortunately, the price of the laptops keeps rising closer to double that.

OLPC in production phase

The One Laptop per Child project has finally move into production phase and should be ready to be ship out in October this year. BBC reported the initial production will cost $176/laptop instead of the $100 preliminary projection when the project started.

What’s Under the hood of revised OLPC?

Now that the new price of “One Laptop Per Child” notebook has been announced, the project seems to be on final stage. It also gets some upgrades underneath the OLPC itself. The previous specs shows the laptop will be powered by a 366Mhz AMD Geode CPU with 128MB RAM and 512MB of NAND flash.

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