OLPC XO-1.5 HS physical keyboard gets video tested

We're still waiting to see what the OLPC team make of the Marvell Moby tablet reference platform, but until then we'll make do with the promise of dramatically improved text entry abilities on the current model.  The OLPC XO-1.5 HS (where the "HS" stands for "High School") throws out the membrane keyboard and replaces it with a proper 'board, after the Uruguay government decided they wanted to roll out the netbook to their older students.

Christoph Derndorger from OLPC News managed to grab some hands-on time with the XO-1.5 HS while he was in Asución, and the feedback is good.  Typing is far easier than with the membrane 'board, though OLPC has used a physical keyboard with an unusual arrow key layout; rather than the traditional T-formation, they're all lined up in a single row.

Video demo after the cut

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OLPC founder offers advice & tech access to Indian $35 tablet project

OLPC are beavering away at their Marvell-based tablet design, but that doesn't mean founder Nicholas Negroponte hasn't time to pen a few suggestions for the Indian government and their $35 tablet.  In an open letter, Negroponte offers "full access to all of our technology, cost free" to the Indian team responsible for the low-cost tablet, along with the warning that they should prioritize content creation not, as on the iPad, content consumption.

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OLPC Becomes the OTPC? Story still not credible

I've written in the past about the tragedy of the OLPC. Last week, there was news that the OLPC folks were moving forward with a new device, the XO-3, a new tablet initiative designed to bring a tablet to market. Forget about the fact that the XO-2 never emerged from vapor, now it's all about the XO-3. It's also not about laptops anymore it seems. The new XO-3 is a tablet because keyboards aren't a good idea (perhaps the organization needs to be called the OTPC now?). Promising the best of devices such as the Kindle and high-end tablet features combined in one, the new device will be seen at CES 2011 for $75.

Call me skeptical. Very skeptical.

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OLPC license Pixel Qi 3qi low-power displays for XO laptops

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project and Pixel Qi have announced a cross-licensing agreement that will see the former's affordable laptops for developing nations use the latter's 3qi low-power displays.  It comes as little surprise, perhaps, what with Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen being an ex-OLPC team member; the Pixel Qi panels were always planned to head back to OLPC and reduce the energy-efficient laptops' power consumption even further.

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OLPC XO-3 pencilled in for $100 2012 launch

After announcing last month that the OLPC XO-2 concept had been abandoned in favor of a more straightforward slate-style XO-3 device, the One Laptop Per Child project have now released renders of what that tablet might look like.  The work of Yves Behar, the design has an 8.5 x 11 inch touchscreen, would use inductive charging, be waterproof and cost around $100.  It's also expected to combine a Pixel Qi indoor/outdoor display with plastic screen components from Plastic Logic.

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Give A Little Bit… Of Tech

“Wow! So you just pull two fingers apart on the screen to zoom in on the site?” This was my mother’s reaction last week to seeing the power of pinch-to-zoom on her new iPhone 3GS. Yes, just last week my mother, a successful business woman but a technophobe at heart, discovered that the iPhone has a little thing called multitouch! You know, that small feature that made Apple’s first phone go down in cellphone history.  And her amazement didn’t stop there; she was blown away by every phone feature from the Notes application’s “cute” handwriting font to the “cool” animation of the trash can that sucks down messages like a “garbage disposal.”

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