The Posture Pod alleviates back and neck aches

I have said before that I have back problems and keeping good posture means my back won't ache nearly as soon as it would if I were slouching. However, you get tired or get into a bit of PC gaming and slowly having decent posture is completely forgotten. This odd little pod is supposed to help with just that.

The Revolve power strip helps with bulky plugs

Everyone has their ways of dealing with all the cords that tend to pile up with all of the gadgets and computers that all of us seem to have around. I have my way of just tucking them aside in a tangled mess. However, there are a great deal of tech enthusiasts that would prefer something a bit more organized, and perhaps even a bit convenient as well.

The H.R.Giger Harkonnen Office Chair

Having original furniture from your favorite Sci-Fi flick would be nice, but having dark and mysterious furniture from a movie that never was would be even better. This chair was meant for a movie based on Dune, which never happened.

Callpod Phoenix makes conference calling a breeze

As long as you don’t have more than 5 people that wants in on the call. The base, the oval-shaped thing in the picture below, is rechargeable, and gets recharged via mini USB, which is likely the same connection that connects the nifty little box to Skype.

Keyspan USB 2.0 Server reviewed

Networking access to a USB device can be tricky, not really, its actually pretty easy, but it deeply saddens me to have to leave a certain computer on all the time just to have constant access to the USB resource that’s plugged into it. Keyspan’s USB 2.0 server solves that problem, and quite simply too.

TurboLinux’s Wizpy does what most PMPs do, plus more

Wizpy from TurboLinux is a gizmo packed with features such as media playback (MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, DivX,) – FM radio, sound recorder, e-book reader, and photo display device. Another notable attraction of this gizmo is its computing applications that includes browser, email, and office software. The Wizpy sports 256,000-color OLED screen weight only 60g. Plugging this gizmo to a PC using USB will give user their own operating system environment. Wizpy was launch in Japan earlier this year.

[via Wizpy]

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