Wilkhahn ON: seating as “supple as thighs”

Wilkhahn ON: seating as “supple as thighs”

If you eyed up the flexible spine of the Herman Miller Setu earlier this week and thought "nice, but I'd like more rotational combination of axial forwards, backwards and sideways movements" then you're obviously bizarrely well-read on ergonomic seating and probably already know what we're about to say.  If, however, you know little about pivotal sections but would just like to sit for a few hours without ending up stiff, then Wilkhahn's ON chair may be the answer.  Unlike regular task chairs, which mainly permit forward/backward movement, ON has an artificial hip-joint with "two swing plates that are just as supple as thighs".

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Nokia putting Microsoft Office Mobile on Eseries smartphones; collaboration apps still to come

Nokia have confirmed that they have no plans to make a Windows Mobile based smartphone, although the Finnish company will be working more closely with Microsoft in future.  The two firms have just announced that they will be collaborating to put a mobile version of Office, together with communication and device management software, on Symbian-based devices, a platform Nokia says it is still committed to.

The mobile apps will arrive on the Nokia Eseries of smartphones first, the company's business-focussed range.  After that, while there's no confirmation as yet, it seems likely that other high-end devices - such as the Nseries of multimedia handsets - will get access to at least some of the software.

Project Natal will spread to HTPC and office claims Gates

Microsoft aren't just aiming for your games room with Project Natal, but your living room and even your office.  That's the latest from Bill Gates, who confirmed that both the Xbox and Windows teams have "latched onto" the motion-tracking camera system and each plan to develop applications that will range from gaming through controlling an HTPC, to increasing interaction in meetings.

Propaganda Stap Man Stapler satisfies office Pac Man needs

Who doesn't love Pac Man? I know I do. And for most people, the prospect of sneaking in a few dot-chasing, ghost-evading moments throughout the typical office job day is pretty exciting. Or, at least better than typing, copying, scanning and printing all day long.

Microsoft Office 2010 heads online to counter Google threat

Microsoft Office 2010 heads online to counter Google threat

After Google launched Chrome OS last week, there were dark twitterings about the search giant attempting to steal the thunder from a Microsoft announcement today.  Microsoft's news has gone live, and it seems that as Google are slowly making their way toward the desktop, Microsoft are looking to cross them in heading to the cloud with Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Visio 2010.  Each of the new software suites gets a shot of Microsoft's "three screens" strategy with phone, browser and desktop sync, but for mainstream consumers the biggest news might just be  free online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.

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Sprint FAQ confirms Palm Pre PictBridge and video recording “on the way”

Sprint have rounded up a few more frequently-asked questions about the Palm Pre, and funneled them into a post at their Inside Sprint Now blog.  On the table are some upfront clarifications about whether the Pre supports video recording, PictBridge wireless printing over Bluetooth and Family Locator - no, no and no - together with news that the smartphone is compatible with Office 2007.

Office 14 to get Office Web Apps

Office 14 to get Office Web Apps

At PDC, Ray Ozzie announced that Microsoft will be launching online versions of their popular Office programs with Office 14. The idea is to stay competitive with the likes of Google Docs and Zoho.

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Bubble Wrap Calendar lets you pop a bubble each day

How many of you like popping bubble wrap? Admit it, whenever a package comes to your house, you secretly sneak off and pop those little plastic bubbles. Well someone has designed a calendar just for you.

This Bubble Wrap Calendar has 365 days worth of bubbles just waiting to be popped. Rather than using a boring old red marker to cross out the days, you can just walk up and pop a bubble.

The Posture Pod alleviates back and neck aches

I have said before that I have back problems and keeping good posture means my back won't ache nearly as soon as it would if I were slouching. However, you get tired or get into a bit of PC gaming and slowly having decent posture is completely forgotten. This odd little pod is supposed to help with just that.

The Revolve power strip helps with bulky plugs

Everyone has their ways of dealing with all the cords that tend to pile up with all of the gadgets and computers that all of us seem to have around. I have my way of just tucking them aside in a tangled mess. However, there are a great deal of tech enthusiasts that would prefer something a bit more organized, and perhaps even a bit convenient as well.

The H.R.Giger Harkonnen Office Chair

Having original furniture from your favorite Sci-Fi flick would be nice, but having dark and mysterious furniture from a movie that never was would be even better. This chair was meant for a movie based on Dune, which never happened.

RedPost SignBeta – makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

RedPost released its first product not too long ago, the RedPost/Kit, which we got for review and loved. Now they are back on the scene with the same design, but with some upgrades.

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