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Cardboy CMYK ink cartridges

Mark James made these Cardboy CMYK ink cartridges that appear to have legs, arms, and eyes. That’s because they aren’t really ink cartridges, they are just little figurines that look like it.

For the nerd that gets cubicle-sick. Not really, they are pretty cool looking though.

The Ghost Finder Camera

If you're looking for a bit of Halloween fun and a few pranks along the way, horribly juvenile ones of course. You'll likely need a few new props to start the season off, you might give this Ghost Finder Camera a whirl.

The Anti-Ticket Donut for those sticky situations

Have a tendency to get pulled over for speeding, or whatever your typical traffic violation is? Well this intensely high-tech solution is designed to at least get you out of that nasty ticket.

Kurt Cobain Electronic Action Figure

Have an inkling for collecting figurines of rockstars that have died and gone years ago? Well then you may want to check out this Kurt Cobain 18 inch Electronic Action Figure.

Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit Now Affixes Documents To Each Other

You read right, they have now bastardized the glory that is Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail. First it was the red Swingline from Office Space and now this.

The SoundBall – for a bit of noisy fun

This is the absolute perfect gift to buy for someone else's kid. Preferably if you aren't around them that often. Not that the ball is overly loud, just that it constantly is making some kind of noise.

Check out the video to hear it. The noises are clever, but would get old after a while. Really it sounds a lot like an old Atari game. It works by using Bluetooth technology. It tells the computer whether the ball is being hit, thrown or spun via a motion sensor from within. Then it in turn tells the ball what noise to make.

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The Turd Twister – just as disgusting as it sounds

I come across some very out-there gadgets from time to time, but this one is just disturbing. I seriously hope you aren’t eating right now, if you are, you might want to read this after you are done, depending on what you can stomach. They call it the Turd Twister and it’s exactly what you think it is.

No Vibrating Pet Massager for my dogs!

It’s disturbing to know that there is people out there that’ll buy this vibrating pet massager for their dogs. If my dogs (Taz & Oscar) think I’m getting this for them, they have another thing coming. Their daily activities involve sleeping; walking from the couch to the food and water bowl, back to the couch and occasional pit stops to the backyard for a pit stop. Unless your pets have some sort of chronic aches or live an active pet lifestyle, this product isn’t really for you, or is it? Should you get one, just make sure you close your windows and the blinds; god knows what your neighbors will think of you.

The Total Health Vibrating Pet Massage cost $5.95, and it’s alleged to relieves sore muscles, tension, and “stimulate” oil glands for healthier skin and coat.

Rocket Fishing Rod-kills fish more efficiently

Rocket Fishing Rod-kills fish more efficiently

In today’s day and age Mom’s aren’t too keen on giving their kids toy guns. It’s slowly escalated, making the whole thing a bit more paranoid than careful at times. I find it a bit funny that with all of that going on in the world (America especially), someone invented a fishing rod that looks like a bazooka.

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A shocking twist to an old game

Everyone remembers the game of hot potato. When you think back on it, it was a pretty silly game with no consequence. Now what if you could make that potato truly “hot”?

The army of drumming hippies

The army of drumming hippies

Now you can have your very own army of drumming hippies (drumming not drunken). I have no idea why, but I think these things are awesome. Yes, I realize they are a bit ridiculous. Not only that, but the girls also kind of look like troll dolls.

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Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

I know any of you who have had a female in your life have heard that dreaded line. “I don’t want anything.” Be it for their birthday, holidays, whatever, at some point or another they say it. Then you are left with that horrible decision, do you listen or do you ignore it.

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