OCZ Enyo Features Ridiculous Good Looks and USB 3.0

How can you be expected to not buy things for your computer, when the internals are starting to look as good as OCZ's brand new SSD, the Enyo? When OCZ talked about this solid state drive back at CES this year, we were waiting in utter anticipation to get our eyes on one. And, sure enough, here we are, looking at the OCZ Enyo.

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OCZ drops new PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II PSU

PC Power & Cooling was one of the biggest names in power supplies for computers for a long time before OCZ snapped the company up. Power supplies from PC Power & Cooling have great reputations for performance and stability in the enthusiast market, and they still do. OCZ has announced a new addition to the PSU line from the company.

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OCZ Unveils Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SSDs

When OCZ announced that it was vacating some of the categories that it was working in a while back to pursue core categories like SSDs and RAM, the company was serious. Since then we have seen several new SSDs for the company and today OCZ has pulled the wraps off two new SSDs.

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OCZ debuts new Z-Drive PCI-E SSD line

OCZ offers numerous SSDs that hit different performance and price categories. The most reasonably priced of its offerings is the Onyx series that debuted in March for under $100. OCZ has announced new line of SSDs that skip the standard SATA interface in favor of using the PCI Express slot on the mainboard to bypass any potential bottlenecks in performance.

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OCZ shuts Hypersonic PC down

A few years back memory and storage maker OCZ purchased boutique gaming PC and notebook firm Hypersonic. I reviewed one of Hypersonic small ultraportable notebooks a few years back and really liked the machine.

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OCZ Colossus 1TB SSD gets official

Call your SSD "Colossus" and you'll be expected to back that up with some hard figures, and OCZ have certainly managed to do that.  The OCZ Colossus 3.5-inch SSD packs up to 1TB of storage, and while it's taken more time than expected for them to reach the market - we first caught sight of them in June - anybody hoping for speedy, solid-state capacity should find something to satisfy.

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 32 2009

The weekend is here again fellow geeks and geekettes so I am back with another week in review. Monday more rumors surfaced that has Apple launching that long anticipated tablet device this November. The rumors further claim that the tablet will be aimed at gaming and media use. Early this week Verizon cut the pricing on all its smartphones save a few of the new ones to $99. That makes us think lots of new smartphone hardware is on its way.

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