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Nokia N8 Review

It feels like we've been talking about the Nokia N8 for a long time. February 2010 saw the first murmurings, followed by a string of leaks, rumors, semi-accurate previews and finally, around seven months later, a commercial release. In the meantime there's been no shortage of speculation over whether Symbian^3 still has a place among the smartphone elite, how the North American market will take to the N8, and indeed whether Nokia is still relevant in a world of Android, iOS and other successful platforms. That's a whole lot resting on a single device, so can the Nokia N8 shoulder the strain? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Nokia N8 online stock from October 15th; in UK stores Oct 22nd

Nokia's N8 may have begun shipping, but the number of people currently holding the Symbian^3 smartphone is still dwarfed by those still waiting for one.  The Finnish company has just announced that the N8 will be available for online order - either SIM-free or on contract - and with immediate delivery from October 15th; meanwhile in-store UK retail availability will follow on a week later.

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Nokia N8 gets 30fps 720p video hack and super-detail still compression tweak

The Nokia N8's photography skills are already prompting plenty of discussion, but one modder has instead concentrated on squeezing out some extra performance rather than arguing over the standard results.  Notorious Symbian-lover hyperX has already managed to coax the N8 into shooting 720p video at 30fps rather than the default 25fps, and he's also worked some magic on the smartphone's still images.

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The Daily Slash: September 30th 2010

As we mark the last hours of the final day of September, we're left with only one thing to do: The Daily Slash. So, welcome to tonight's edition. In our story from around the Web, it looks like Time Warner's CEO is chiming in about Apple TV's pricing, and he's not a fan. And then, just as we do every night, we'll wrap up what's been going on in the R3 Media Network.

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Nokia N8 video demo

Final software, final hardware, finally shipping - it's N8 day, and the Nokia team is unsurprisingly pretty pleased with itself for making it inside the Q3 window.  So how does the N8 hold up?  We've used plenty of different prototypes along various stages of the development path, and it's fair to say some have been patchier than others.

Video demo after the cut

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