Nokia Lumia 800

Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor powers first Nokia Lumia smartphones

This morning at Nokia World 2011, two flavors of Nokia's Lumia line were released, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, and Qualcomm now reports that yes, indeed, they are being powered by no less than their very own Snapdragon processors. This is the first time Nokia has entered into the Windows Phone world as well as the first time Nokia has worked with Qualcomm to combine both of their well-loved architectures. With all the coverage on the smartphones themselves this morning, one must see the energy here, in the motor, and what better way to usher in a single new collaboration than with a second!

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Nokia App Highlights curated store revealed

Nokia's own preloaded Windows Phone apps, Drive and Music, are just the start of the company's software push on the new Lumia range. In addition, there'll be a curated app environment not yet demonstrated at Nokia World; Keith Varty, Head of Ecosystem and Services at Nokia, told SlashGear that App Highlights will be a tile on the Windows Phone homescreen, featuring the company's picks of the best WP7 software for new and established users. Read on for more details.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Hands-on

Nokia has just made its first Windows Phone range official, and we wasted no time in spending some playtime with the flagship model, the Nokia Lumia 800. Borrowing heavily from the N9 design we've already waxed lyrical over, the Lumia 800 casing is milled from a solid piece of polycarbonate but gains some extra buttons and controls to suit Microsoft's platform. Read on for our first impressions.

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Nokia confirms no Windows Phones in US until early 2012

Nokia World is underway and SlashGear is at the show live. We had hoped that there would be a lot of new devices unveiled at the show and so far, there have been some cool announcements. The Lumina 800 Windows Phone for instance looks very nice on paper and we can't wait to try the smartphone out in person. If you were hoping for some confirmation of when the Mango Nokia devices would land, we have that too.

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Nokia Lumia 800 official

Nokia has officially announced the Lumia 800, the company's first Windows Phone. Borrowing the style and construction of the Nokia N9, the Lumia 800 is, according to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, "the first real Windows Phone." That's unlikely to go down well with HTC, Samsung and other manufacturers also onboard with Windows Phone, but Nokia says it's playing for the top spot in smartphones once more.

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