Nokia E7

Nokia giving developers free E7 and free WP7 device

Nokia's decision to switch from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 might not have been met with glee from many developers, but the company looks to be addressing its coding community in a decent way. SlashGear has been passed details of an email sent to Nokia Launchpad program members, in which they're promised a free Nokia E7 together with "one free Nokia WP7 device, as soon as it becomes available."

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Nokia E7 Review

Arriving on the market late, the Nokia E7 finds itself launching at a shaky point in the Finnish company's history. Under new management, suffering doubts - internal and external - over the strength of its current platforms, and watching increasing amounts of attention and revenue being taken by key rivals like Apple, Nokia has high expectations for its new business flagship. Misplaced, misguided or money in the bank? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Nokia E7 shipping: Hands-On

The Nokia E7 is finally shipping, the Symbian QWERTY business phone making its retail debut in several markets this week. Announced all the way back at Nokia World 2010 in September, until the first MeeGo devices arrive the E7 will be the de-facto flagship of Nokia's range, with its 4-inch Clear Black display and 8-megapixel camera. One of a few rare review units dropped onto the SlashGear test bench last week; check out our first impressions after the cut

Update: Video added after the cut

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Nokia E7 delayed until early 2011 [Updated]

The Nokia E7 has been delayed until early 2011, missing its December release window. Nokia had been insisting the E7 was on track for retail availability before the end of the year as recently as last month, but unspecified issues have forced the company to postpone that. "To ensure the best possible user experience on the E7 we have decided to begin shipping it in early 2011" a Nokia spokesperson told Reuters.

Update: Nokia comment after the cut

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Nokia E7 due from December 10 [Update]

Nokia has confirmed that the Nokia E7 will begin shipping on December 10, though the company's Twitter account says that not all countries will get the 4-inch Symbian^3 smartphone on that date. The E7 was announced back at Nokia World 2010 and tipped for a Q4 2010 launch; it has a full QWERTY keyboard and similar styling to the N8.

Update: Nokia has made a mistake, it seems, and now says the E7 is on track to ship in December 2010 rather than on December 10th.

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