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Splash Cars channels Splatoon for Android and iOS

Developer Craneballs releases game Splash Cars for iOS and Android, channeling the Nintendo Wii game Splatoon in the process. This game has its users driving tiny cars and trucks, rolling around maps that are subsequently covered in paint. This game follows the "paint road racer", you, the hero. In your mission you'll not only paint the world red (or blue, or green), you'll summon friendly citizens to help you. You'll be at war with your fellow paint racers - it's up to you to re-create and paint the world in your image.

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Nintendo Account finally does away with friend codes

Nintendo has a love-hate relationship with the future. In the last two generations of consoles, Nintendo was a big innovator. The Wii brought us motion controls, and the Wii U brought us a tablet input for a home system. And that's not to even mention what they've done for the world of handheld gaming. Through all of these innovations, Nintendo has been lightyears behind when it comes to playing with your friends online. But that will finally be changing.

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Nintendo sued, faces possible sales ban on all Wii units

Nintendo is being sued by Philips in Delaware, and the crux of the case may really hit hard. There are two patents in question, and both relate to what makes a Wii so great: motion detection. If successful in this suit, Philips may deal a deft body shot right to Nintendo as they’re trying to get up off the canvas.

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Wii Mini coming to USA with Mario Kart to boot

The smallest of the higher-end gaming consoles has been revealed to be approaching the United States just in time for the holidays: the Wii Mini, complete with Mario Kart. This little beast works with a cut-down collection of abilities that were once only available on the original Wii. Here you're not able to connect to the internet - and therefor wont be able to access the digital library of Wii and GameCube games available to the larger - but everything else is ready to roll.

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FitScales reworks Wii Fit as Android health accessory

There's a good chance if you own a Nintendo Wii you also own the Wii Fit. Back when the Wii first launched, it was one of the most popular accessories for the Nintendo Wii game console out there and Nintendo sold the units in droves. After the controller novelty wore off, many people stopped using their Nintendo Wii and there are huge amounts of we Fit accessories hidden under entertainment centers and in closets all around the country serving no purpose.

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Nintendo confirms hacker claim for Wii U mod chip

If you're a legacy fan of the original PlayStation, you know good and well that there's nothing quite like an internationally unlocked mod-chipped gaming console. That's what hackers have claimed to have developed in the way of the Wii U this week, and Nintendo has confirmed that they're on the case. While the system itself has not yet been seen or detected playing illegal copies of games, it would appear that Nintendo's ears are perked.

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