SlashGear Week in Review – Week 50 2008

With just a few weeks until CES 2009, we've been seeing hints of what tech will be showing its head at the biggest consumer electronics event of the year.  Unsurprisingly, netbooks are taking top billing, with MSI confirming three of them.  In fact the budget ultraportables are selling so well, they bested the ever-popular iPhone 3G in Summer sales.  Acer are sitting pretty in the top spot, with their latest model - a 3G-integrated Aspire One - launching this weekend. 

Netgear EVA9000 gives YouTube 720p HD video demo

Netgear EVA9000 gives YouTube 720p HD video demo

Netgear's EVA9000 Digital Entertainer Elite has been quietly wowing the preview crowds with some pre-CES demonstrations.  The 500GB mediaplayer is capable of streaming HD 720p video over your WiFi draft-n network, in addition to pumping out full 1080p high-definition content from your PC. 

Check out the video demo after the cut

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Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite with 500GB and 1080P coming soon

Facing the increasingly crowded multimedia streaming players market, Netgear is set to launch its elite lineup of a digital media player with price and features that may fall short of competitions. The new EVA9150 Digital Entertainer Elite streaming media player, though packs with largest storage for its kind (500GB), supports free videos and photos from Youtube and Flicker, and with 1080P full HD output on contents from your PC, is planning to launch at a suggested retail of $400 without major content providers on-boarded.

NetGear Digital Entertainer Elite network is FCC tested

NetGear Digital Entertainer Elite network is FCC tested

The NetGear Digital Entertainer Elite network has been spotted at the FCC. This media streaming device is going to launch in the near future and it is truly next-gen. It can decode all sorts of high-definition files, which is most certainly impressive.

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Netgear WiFi-N Routers announced: WRN2000 & DGN2000

Netgear WiFi-N Routers announced: WRN2000 & DGN2000

Netgear has pushed out a heap of new 802.11n networking devices today, including routers, modem routers and USB adapters.  The WNR2000 and DGN2000 routers are both backward-compatible with WiFi b/g, have four ethernet ports and differ only in that the DGN2000 has a built-in ADSL2+ modem.  Each has Netgear's Push 'N' Connect setup system, which allows you to add new wireless devices to the network with a button press rather than remembering a password.


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IFA 2007 – Netgear introduce ReadyNAS networked RAID storage

Netgear introduced a little industrial chic to their Network Attached Storage (NAS) range at IFA 2007 with the ReadyNAS NV+; up to 2TB of X-RAID protected backup, in the shape of a hot-swappable quad-caddy drive.

Check out the exclusive SlashGear video of the Netgear ReadyNAS after the cut

Netgear releases new Powerline Extender

Have you been thinking about switching over your home network to a powerline-based setup? This newest gadget from Netgear might make the switch a little more appealing.

jkontherun give Netgear’s WiFi Skype phone the once-over

We looked at Netgear's SPH-101 Skype phone last December, praising it for the convenience of cheap or low-cost VOIP calls and remaining silently critical of the whopping MRSP.  Well, my favourite cam-whore Kevin Tofel has grappled with the handset itself and finds it comes up trumps if portability floats your sexy boat.

Could the Netgear EVA8000 be the best wireless media streamer yet?

Sometimes it's all just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  Blogger Jeremy Toeman, on a guest stint with Netgear, managed to get his devilish digits on their brand-new EVA8000 Wireless Digital Entertainer HD, a slab of lounge entertainment that can burrow happily through your standard network shares and stream video, music and images to your TV.


CES 2007 Cherry Picks: NETGEAR Dual-Mode DECT Cordless Phone with Skype

I'm a hard-sell when it comes to VoIP handsets, in fact some might say I was just plain picky.  I can't see the point of anything that has to be plugged in to a USB port (unless you've got a server at home, would you really want to leave your PC on all the time on the off-chance that you want to make a call?) and I want as much of the software functionality available from the handset itself without having to go to a computer to set it up.  Well, NETGEAR have met my arduous demands and actually gone a bit further; their SPH200D works both with Skype and your PSTN landline, allowing calls to and from both to be managed simultaneously.

Based on the DECT standard, a full-colour screen, speakerphone and capacity for up to four handsets registered to each base-station round out what's on offer for the $199.99 MRSP.  It's available now.

Product Page [NETGEAR]

Netgear Skype WiFi Phone SPH101

For those who live away from home or family, one of the worst nightmares is the phone bill. Making a long-distance call could be out of limit sometimes, and what could you do about it? Not to mention those who have a long-term relationship. Stop calling him/her means the time to find a new date. Thanks to the Internet and software like Skype that allows us to keep in touch with friends and family. The world still has something even more to be thankful. The Skype Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service lets you talk to people just like that you would on the telephone; however, it still needs a computer to operate. But that’s about to be changed.

The new generation of Netgear Skype WiFi Phone, the SPH101, will gets you off your computer entirely. With a WiFi network and this handset, you can make free calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world at anytime. This phone will help you to be more available for your friends to call since there is no need to be on your PC to stay connects. You can even makes a call to ordinary phone for just pennies a minute. You pay what you use because there is no monthly fee for the service. Get your Netgear SPH101 today for a sum of $467 then what you need is just a Skype account, and you are good to go.

Wireless Skype Phone Model SPH101 [via Netgear]

Netgear Unveiled Digital Entertainer EVA700

Netgear, one of the leading players in wireless networking industry announced a new set top streaming media box named EVA700. Equipped with 802.11G wireless and 10/100 Ethernet, EVA700 is the first top set player in the market that is verified as an Intel Viiv technology compliant. By default, the EVA700 wireless encryption is protected with WEP, however you can update its firmware to support WPA-PSK. I’m surprise it does not have HDMI or DVI output, as it uses RCA jack output and RCA component output. The EVA700 pricing is set at $269.

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