SlashGear Week in Review – Week 1 2011

Welcome to the first Week in Review of 2011! I hope your hangover is gone and you had a good time this weekend! Last week was an eventful one leading up to CES 2011 kicking off this month and lots of cool stuff turned up. A British DJ created a cool set of records that when overlapped form the CMYK logo. I want them and I don’t even know what kind of music the artist makes.

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Gigabyte Q2005 netbook gets Atom N550 love

As much as tablet fans might like you to think the netbook market is dead, the netbook ranks continue to grow as folks want a cheap rig that has a keyboard and standard form. Gigabyte has unveiled a new netbook called the Q2005 that gets dual-core Intel N550 power.

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ASUS slashing netbook prices as tablets take market; MSI dropping out completely?

The market obsession with tablets has left netbook manufacturers facing significant price cuts and even abandoning the segment altogether, according to channel sources. DigiTimes claims that ASUS has slashed the retail cost of its latest Atom N450 and dual-core N550 netbooks after attempts to position them based on style and specifications fell short, while MSI is tipped to be "phased out of the market" altogether.

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