Panoramic Curved Gaming Display from NEC

If you were excited over the curved DLP display from Alienware last week, you may be happily surprised to see that NEC is releasing one of their own. The CRVD-42DWX might seem to be rushing out on the coattails of Alienware but they are both apparently made by the same ODM, Ostendo.

NEC SP-NA640 sends handwriting to your cell phone

The SP-NA640 is an interesting concept. Basically it scans whatever you feed in, turns it in to an image and emails it to a cell phone or computer. It may be quicker than scanning an image on a flatbed scanner, and emailing it yourself. I'm sure there are a hundred other things you could do with the desk space that it would take up.

NEC develops a “privacy monitor” that doesn’t sacrifice quality

Have you ever walked in somewhere and seen one of those really ugly screens that's put over a monitor to make sure no one else can see what's on there? I don't think I could ever use one for a long period of time, I've used them briefly when troubleshooting PCs, and they're not so easy on the eyes. Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't need one at all?

NEC US110 – Tiny PC proves that size may in fact matter

Computers are great, I admit that I have a lot of them. While I enjoy having my laptop, it's nice to have a small computer that you can hide in parts of the house other than your office. While you'll still have to find a way to hide your monitor, here's a great little PC that is quite tiny.

NEC LCD2470WVX – 24-inch HDCP capable display

NEC LCD2470WVX – 24-inch HDCP capable display

NEC added a new member to its Multisync 70 series displays. The LCD2470WVX is a 24-inch display for enterprise and high end users. It features dual analog and digital input technology.

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NEC AccuSync Monitors – Now with HDMI

Man, I remember not a couple of years ago when I thought I was the coolest guy on the block because my monitors connected via DVI. Now we're seeing monitors that connect with USB for ease of use, or in the case of these new monitors from NEC, via HDMI for the best picture.

Water-cooled HDD from NEC and Hitachi

Hitachi and NEC partnered up to make the first Water cooling system for Hard Disk Drive that is as quite as a sleeping baby at 25dB. Although the technology is targeted towards audiovisual system, NEC does plan to ship the water-cooled hard drive with its consumer desktop system.

NEC and Hitachi water-cool your HDD [via akihabaranews]

NEC sprays 3D paint on its LaVie laptops

NEC sprays 3D paint on its LaVie laptops

Talk about creative laptop design, this is one of the coolest design ideas that I’ve seen for awhile. NEC develops 3D paint for its LaVie notebook giving the top chassis 3D optical effect.

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Heat-conducting Bioplastics may allow cellphones to shrink even further

I don't know about you, but holding a slab of red-hot metal to my ear is not my idea of fun (unless I'm taking part in a Spanish Inquisition reconstruction, in which case it's no-holds-barred, baby); as cellphones advance in processing power, however, the amount of heat pumped out as a byproduct is growing along with it.  I'm no scientist, but I foresee a time when each handset comes with an asbestos helmet for you to use with it; that is, unless NEC's bioplastics researchers have their way.

NEC’s New 40- and 46-inch MULTEOS HDTVs

New from NEC are two sexy HDTVs under the brand of “MULTEOS. “ The MULTEOS M40 (40-inch) and M46 (46-inch) are aimed towards businesses but with such a sleek and minimal bezel, they really would look great anywhere.

Both displays feature full HD of 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, HDMI, DVI, “high efficiency” backlights, VESA mount capability, screen savers, automatic video input detection, 450 cd/m2 brightness, 18-milisecond response time, and a 178-degree viewing angle.

NEC’s P-ISM Pens For Virtual Internet Kiosk

Modern day geeks no longer need to use pocket-protectors as they are more likely to carry some sort of tiny mobile computing device than a front pocket full of pens. But interestingly, NEC has developed a concept called the P-ISM  “pen-style personal networking gadget package,” which consists of five pens each with a unique function that work together to create virtual computing on the go. This package feels very double-O, but half super spy, half super geek, and will definitely fill that front pocket back up sans the pocket protector.

One pen acts as a cellular phone with handwriting data input capability, the second pen functions as a camera scanner, the third pen can project a virtual QWERTY keyboard, the fourth pen can project a display screen , and the fifth can function as a peronal ID key with cashless pass function. The pens are connected with one another through short-range wireless technology and the whole set is connected to the Internet via the cellular phone function.

NEC says “pah!” to danger with rugged Tablet PC

You're a rough and tumble kinda guy, with a taste for danger and buttocks like two firm plums in a handkerchief, and you demand the same rugged go-anywhere, do-anything spirit from your Notebook.  At the same time, you've a lovely style of cursive handwriting and you'd like to be able to show it off.  What you need, sunshine, is NEC's latest hardy Tablet PC, the ShieldPRO.  Capable of being dropped 90cm without damage, withstanding temperature extremes of minus-20 to plus-50 degrees centigrade and shrugging off water, sand and dust that would make any normal notebook squeal like a piggy and run home to momma.

The spec sheet has obviously lagged a little behind the armouring - a 1.2GHz Core Solo U1400 processor and 256MB of RAM aren't all that impressive, although the 60GB hard-drive and 12-inch XGA screen are better.  NEC will happily configure your ShieldPRO with a variety of hardware and OS options, however, before you go on your manly trek.

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