LaCie Wireless Space: the Sith’s Time Capsule

LaCie has outed its latest external hard-drive, the Wireless Space, and while the Neil Poulton designed 1TB and 2TB drives may look a lot like the company's other blocky models, inside there's a whole lot of wireless goodness simmering away.  The LaCie Wireless Space is a combination NAS, gigabit ethernet and WiFi b/g/n router, media server and network extender, basically the company's own version of the Apple Time Capsule.

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Pogoplug gets WiFi b/g/n Wireless Extender; Pogoplug itself cut to $99

Pogoplug has launched a new WiFi adapter, the Pogoplug Wireless Extender, which allows users of the home NAS adapter to get online via a wireless network rather than stringing ethernet cable to their router.  Up for preorder at $29, the Wireless Extender supports WiFi b/g/n.  Meanwhile Pogoplug are also slashing the price of their eponymous device, down from $129 to $99.

Find out how to get a free Pogoplug Wireless Extender after the cut

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Intel D425 & D525 Atom Processors Boost Performance for Faster Storage Processing

Back in March, we reported that Intel was moving forward into the "always-on" category of devices, and expanding their Intel Atom processors for devices like RAID arrays and NAS. Well, that was a long time ago, especially in the tech industry. So it goes as no surprise that Intel has just announced that they've got two new processors on deck and ready to get the job done. Welcome the Intel D425 and D525 to the Atom lineage.

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HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault Review

HP continues to push ahead with Windows Home Server, offering domestic and small business users a central storage point for backups and media server duties, together with drive redundancy and more. Latest to the SlashGear test bench is the HP StorageWorks X300, a new Data Vault product that offers up to 7TB of internal storage shared between up to ten users. Check out the full review after the cut.

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Synology DiskStation DS411+ NAS Review

Synology promised us speed, speed and more speed with their new DiskStation DS411+ NAS, and so we had to take them up on the challenge. A four-drive RAID array targeted at demanding home users or SMBs, the DS411+ may look sober on the outside but with the spec sheet promising read rates of 112MB/sec and write rates of 106MB/sec, it's hardly an unattractive proposition. Can Synology back up their claims? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Seagate GoFlex Home NAS promises easy media-sharing

Seagate has outed its latest addition to the GoFlex family of removable storage, the Seagate GoFlex Home, a media and backup NAS designed for domestic use.  Coming in a choice of 1TB or 2TB capacities, the GoFlex Home's storage can be easily upgraded since it uses the same SATA port connector as other drives in the range; you simply pull out the preinstalled drive and slot in a newer, bigger example.

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Drobo FS gets benchmarked

The Drobo FS "File Server" came as a welcome surprise to network-loving users wanting to share the Drobo magic with multiple computers, but just how well does it perform?  New owner Timon Royer wasn't content with Data Robotics' own "30-40MB/s" figures, and so he benchmarked the compact NAS/server himself.  He found that, while the Drobo FS does perform better than a second-gen Drobo, it's still not the NAS to get if you're looking for outright speed.

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Seagate GoFlex adds swappable USB 3.0/eSATA/FireWire cables, media docks to HDDs

Seagate have announced their third-generation of portable hard-drives, the Seagate GoFlex Storage System, which debuts a system of interchangeable connection adapters that can be used to turn a regular USB 2.0 HDD into a USB 3.0, eSATA or FireWire 800 drive.  Meanwhile there are a selection of special cables and docks, which can add automatic backup functionality (using Memeo technology), network connectivity, HD media playback or desktop dock convenience.

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