OpenPeak debuts OpenTablet 7 at MWC

OpenPeak debuts OpenTablet 7 at MWC

I don't think anyone is surprised that we are seeing new tablets hit the market in the post iPad unveiling days and weeks despite the fact that some are predicting the iPad will not be popular for Apple. The latest new tablet to debut is from a company called OpenPeak and it is called the OpenTablet 7.

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NVIDIA APX 2500 hands-on video

NVIDIA APX 2500 hands-on video

We wrote about the NVIDIA APX 2500 a couple days ago, and Vincent managed to capture hands-on demo of the new mobile graphics chip in action. The APX 2500 is a low-power video chip that is capable of delivering 720p video.

Check out the NVIDIA APX 2500 prototype in action after the cut

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Nokia Remade concept – Uses recycled materials to make phones

Nokia Remade concept – Uses recycled materials to make phones

Lots of companies went green last year, and this year won’t be any different. Nokia is showing off concept phone at Mobile World Congress that is made entirely from recycled materials.

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Garmin Nuvifone hands-on at Mobile World Congress 08

Since the announcement of Nuvifone by Garmin, Vince and I have been very interested in seeing the device personally. While I was unable to go to Barcelona this year, Vince is taking one for the team and managed to have one on one time with the Nuvifone.

N96 from Nokia is the N95 replacement

If you thought the N95 was hot (and it is) you should see its younger sibling, the new N96. It has a sleeker physique and shine that is hard to look away from, alright, enough with the human/phone analogy, they didn’t just update the appearance, this phone has some nice specs too.

N78, 6220, 6210, and new Nokia Maps Version 2.0 all from Nokia

Other than the new N96, Nokia is dropping the N78, 6220, and 6210 devices and the new Version 2.0 of their Nokia Maps application. They all have their intended audience, the N78 is for the professional who is also into photography, the 6220 is intended for those not looking for something as full-featured as the N-Series, but want some nice functionality in a fairly basic phone, and the 6210 is aimed at those that need direction, as in GPS direction.

W980i Walkman clamshell by Sony Ericsson has 8GB of space built in

This phone is amazing, at least from my point of view, music is my drug of choice so the 8GB of built in storage and the integrated FM transmitter are two features of this phone I love. Add to that the TrackID service that can help you figure out what you are listening to and the PlayNow online music store and I am hooked.

C902 and C702 Cybershot by Sony Ericsson with one of them being splash proof

There were rumors of a water-proof phone coming from Sony Ericsson today, and they were right, sort of. The 702 is the splash proof camera phone with a 3.2MP camera, integrated GPS that can be used with Geo-tagging as well as navigation and Google Maps.

G700 and G900 by Sony Ericsson are touchscreen phones for the masses

They are kind of being billed as digital organizers, which sounds like code for “just short of a smartphone” but they are pretty nice phones, and if they have a reasonable price their features and cheap price should make them appeal to the public. Both phones have a 2.4-inch touchscreen and a numeric keypad and are in a candy-bar form factor.

Z770 by Sony Ericsson has HSDPA and PUSH email in a flip phone

It has UMTS/HSDPA 2100, GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900, and PUSH email support via MS Exchange (kind of like the BlackBerry email system). It has a mobile web browser, an RSS client, and a weather forecasting app.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 smartphone is a sign of the company thinking outside the box

This phone has a QWERTY keyboard, WinMo OS, and a 3-inch VGA screen to show it all off on. It also has the XPERIA Panel Interface group which is apparently a grouping of 9 different iterations of the phone’s dashboard that are reorganized/different, each one being more convenient for a certain task that you might be trying to accomplish.

Click over to watch the Xperia X1 introduction video!

Samsung i900 and U900 Soul live from Spain

Samsung’s latest and greatest coming at you from Barcelona, Vince finally got some hands on time with the i900 and a phone we haven’t seen before, the U900 Soul. The i900 is supposed to be the slimmer, keyboard-free cousin of the F700v or “Croix”, the U900 on the other hand is completely new.

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