Music System

Sonoro luxury CD clock-radio available in US

German manufacturer sonoro audio's products will be available soon in the US. We first saw the company's cubo range of CD/MP3/radio units back at CES 2008, where sonoro revealed they were working on internet radio and iPod dock versions of the media player. The cubo will be available exclusively from priced at a rather large $349.99.

Gear4 DUO iPod speaker-dock with removable speaker section

It's tough to think of a new concept in iPod speaker-docks; most of the more reasonable (and some of the ridiculous) shapes have been done, and you can opt for a tiny speaker that clips like a barnacle to the bottom of the PMP or a towering plinth of musical splendour.  However UK firm Gear4 have gone for flexibility with their latest DUO system.  While it may look straightforward, the front speaker section actually unclips from the main body of the DUO and, courtesy of a rechargeable battery, can be used as a portable speaker setup in the garden or anywhere away from the mains.

Samsung intro compact HT-BD2S Blu-ray home cinema system

Samsung have announced a new, more compact Blu-ray home cinema system to accompany their existing HT-BD2T setup.  The HT-BD2S uses smaller satellite speakers and has a accompanying smaller price: $1,000.  What's the same is the central box, complete with its 7.1 channel, 1,100 W output.

iLuv i168 & i169 HD Radio alarm clocks

iLuv have announced its first two HD Radio alarm clocks, the i168 and i169, which include stereo speakers, standard AM/FM radio, an auxiliary input and, in the case of the i169, a dock for your iPod.  Both also feature dual alarms, which can rouse you with the radio, tracks from your iPod on the i169, or a boring old buzzer if you're a traditionalist.  The reasonably-sized displays are compatible with HD Radio's text-on-screen feature, that displays station name, track title and artist information.

Naim HDX multi-room jukebox for picky audiophiles

Hi-fi specialists Naim have released their latest assault on the wallets of audiophiles, with the HDX music jukebox attempting to persuade them that ripping CDs isn't the work of the devil.  Of course, since this is Naim we're talking about, what they're actually suggesting is about as far away from MP3 as you can get while still residing on a hard-drive platter.  The HDX creates uncompressed WAV files from a double-reading of each CD, ensuring an identical, bit-for-bit copy.  The primary 400GB hard-drive can store around 500 CDs in this manner, cataloguing them automatically.

Pioneer AVIC-F car entertainment – voice recognition, Bluetooth & XM radio

Pioneer have released a number of high-end in-car entertainment systems for their AVIC-F range.  The three models - AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT and Premier branded AVIC-F90BT - all feature XM and satellite radio compatibility, Bluetooth with conversational voice recognition that can be used to control navigation, voice control of a connected iPod and a 5.8-inch WVGA touchscreen.  The latter two models also have DVD playback and a built-in MSN Direct tuner.

Tactile Mp3 player with simple control

I wish I had an exact number of different kinds of Mp3 players there are. It would just be nice to have and throw around once in a while when you run across those people who’ve never heard of anything but an iPod.

Stylophone makes a comeback

I’m really glad I’m not of the 70’s generation, some of things that went on during then worry me a little, and those worries are based on outcomes, rather than actually things that happened. The Stylophone was an outcome of the 70’s and though it kind of died it is making a comeback and I’m not quite sure why.

Bowers & Wilkins Liberty wireless music system

From the makers of the CES Award winning Zeppelin iPod Dock boombox, Bowers and Wilkins are bringing you a new wireless surround sound system. What’s new here is that it outputs up to 8 channels wirelessly, a full 2 more than any other system I have ever heard of.

CES 2008: Interactive Toy Concepts showing off new Tube Amp-based shelf stereo with integrated iPod Dock

Interactive Toy Concepts, the people that brought you half a ton of flying gadgets and toys were showing of a yet to be released new product the other night at CES Unveiled. It was a small shelf stereo that had 8 GE Vacuum tubes backed by some digital amps, some really nice, moderately high end speakers attached to it and the whole set sounded pretty amazing.

CES 2008: Pacemaker pocket-sized DJ system released

No, not a medical device for ageing Ibiza veterans, the Pacemaker is actually a 120GB-packing PMP capable of playing two tracks simultaneously, allowing users to mix the two together, beat-match and add effects.  Pacemaker can automatically work out the BPM (beats-per-minute) of each track and display it on the 45mm 262k colour TFT screen, letting you match the speeds for a professional mix.  Two output channels are provided, one for headphones and the other a line-out for external amplification, and the Pacemaker is compatible with MP3, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and WAV files.


CES 2008: Logitech Squeezebox Duet multi-room media system takes on Sonos

With Sonos' popular but expensive multi-room media streaming system in their sights, Logitech have launched their new Squeezebox Duet system at CES 2008.  A scrollwheel-enabled remote with 2.4-inch colour screen can display tracklistings, album art and even RSS feeds, together with personalised wallpaper and internet radio information. 


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