Sony NAS-SC55PKE and NAS-E35HD HiFi HDD stereos – they look so pretty

Sony GIGA JUKE is a set of products with the goal of offering up the benefits of hard drive storage for your music without the use of the PC. Granted these things are nearly computers themselves with the SC55PKE having and LCD screen, WiFi, a 16x CD-ROM for ripping, and an 80GB HDD.

NAVIGON 8110 GPS – is a good listener

Not only does it have a nice shiny Aluminum surface and a 4.8-inch screen, but it also has voice commands. You can use those commands to bring up the new 3D navigation that the unit offers up.

LG Glimmer touchscreen slider coming to Alltel – too bad it couldn’t have hit a better carrier

It has a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen and a menu similar to that of the PRADA cell phones. In fact, save for the slide out number pad, it kind of looks like a more generic version of the PRADA phone.

New Walkman MP3 players from Sony

They have Bluetooth, noise cancellation, a healthy-sized screen, and a 33 hour battery life at the bottom, 36 at the top. For video you get the 320x240 LCD display that can play video at up to 30 frames per second for up to 10 hours, or at the least 9.5 hours.

Sony E020F NW series MP3 players follow the KISS principle

In case you’ve never heard of it, its an acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid”, essentially it means don’t over complicate things. Sony has done just that with these MP3 players, they work almost identically to a flash drive, you plug them directly into the USB port on your computer, drag and drop your audio files, and it charges as the same time.

iPod Shuffle price dropped, new 2GB model coming soon

Apple announced today that they are dropping the price on their Shuffle, the one gigabyte model, to $49. They also announced that they are rolling out a new 2GB model later this month for $69.

Waterproof Scuba MP3 Player

This unit has an iRiver iFP-380T MP3 player at its core then adds in a waterproof case for that as well as a waterproof amp and set of underwater headphones to complete the underwater aural excursion. The headphones come with clips that allow them to attach the strap on your goggles.

Neo 808i is about as small as practical cell phones go

This tiny, tiny handset is like some sort of weird side-by-side version of your normal candy-bar form factor phone. Its really small but yet still manages to pack in WiFi, a 4MP cam and MP3 and MPEG-4 playback.

Mustek PF-E700 Picture frame does everything

It has an MP3 player, picture viewer, plays movies, tells you the time, shows a calendar, and will tell you what the temperature inside is. It also has an alarm clock feature built in so you can set it to wake you in the morning.

Baylis Eco EP-MX71 makes you work for your media

This MP3 player is both eco friendly and kind of cool, until you just want to listen to some freakin music! Then again, for those of you more athletic types, this might be a better idea so that you’ll have music instead of carrying around dead weight in the form of an iPod with a dead battery.

Toshiba Gigabeat 802 looks very MCE-ish

The Toshiba Gigabeat 802 isn’t really much different than the 401, save for the fact that much like the model number, the capacity is doubled too. The 401 got WiFi added months ago, so that carried over and there is the new 8GB capacity.

Spark Universe Co. Ltd. cp-11s PMP

Its nearly a UMPC except it seems to be lacking a keyboard and its only running WinCE 5.0, not XP like it appears. It runs WinCE with 64MB of RAM and still offers up WiFi, MSN Messenger, Skype, TCPMP, WMP, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a PDF viewer.

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