Hercules DJ Console MK2

Hercules have introduced the refreshed MK2 version of their DJ Console, intended to make editing and mixing digital music straightforward to even most amateur DJ.  Bristling with controls, it features dual jog-wheel decks, independent volume and pitch control, a cross fader and 2x3 equalization buttons.

Rhapsody joins DRM-Free music download bandwagon

If you can’t fight them, join them! Rhapsody finally decided streaming model might not be making as much money as they think and were unable to compete with iPod, so they decided to adopt the download model. Rhapsody seems to understand that consumer hates DRM and made their service DRM-Free in MP3 format.

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DJ Control MP3 from Hercules

Hercules is now reaching out to all aspiring DJs of any age with its new DJ Control MP3.  This is a great gadget for those of you who are want to try your hand at mixing and remixing tunes like a real DJ.

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Overpriced T-shirt wired for iPods

Alright, that's it, MP3 accessories have officially gone too far. Overpriced t-shirts with built in gadgetry is just far too much. When will this madness end?!

The Mytunes MP3 Amp plays your tunes out loud

It is rare that I find the portable speakers for iPods all that interesting, or even cool but this cute little amp is a nice change. It'd be great for any musicians, or those that wish they were, myself being one of the wishful many.

Numark TTi USB turntable records direct to iPod

Numark have released their latest turntable, the TTi, which can not only play your vinyl but record it directly to either a docked iPod or any USB-connected PC or Mac.  The docking station is compatible with the 5th-gen iPod video, iPod Classic and 2nd-gen nano, which seems a bit short-sighted, but even if your iPod is a different version you can still create digital copies of your records via the included EZ Vinyl Converter and Audacity software.  No drivers are needed, which I presume means it shows up as a generic external soundcard.

We7 launched, offers 500,000 DRM-free MP3s at no cost

The free download service We7 is finally here, and claimed to offers 500,000 tracks of music from Sony BMG label and independent artists. These tracks are available to users for free and not protected by any kind of DRM, however it comes with pre-roll advertising that starts before the music track begins and lasts only several seconds.

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