Oppo Super Five, amazing PMP from Chinese Manufacturer

It’s called the Super Five, but a more accurate name would be the Super Eighteen because that’s how many audio, video, and picture formats this little device supports. All of those format in a package that’s no bigger than a credit card except in thickness.

The video formats supported are RM, RMVB, FLV, DAT, MPG, MPEG AVI, and 3GP. The audio formats supported are OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV, dual-APE, and FLAC Lossless.

Popblaster the “Perfect Travel Companion?”

Not likely. It looks like someone got their hands on a bunch of old CD binders and removed the disc holders, mounted some old boom box speakers and a flap to put you MP3 player into.

If I had to guess, that probably is actually the story of this company, or something along those lines. Don’t get me wrong, it looks decent, and it does keep it simple, so for the cheap price it sits at, I’d probably bump that.

Rush Electronic RK186-1 is a dollar short and a day late

Alright, maybe they are more than a day late since its been a while since AT&T announced it was buying Cingular. Yet here it is, in front of your very own eyes, a flash-based MP3 player that looks a lot like the second gen Nanos but with a Cingular logo interface.

How crappy of a product do you have to have in order for the amount of storage space to not be listed? You even have to order a minimum of a thousand of them to buy them. They do have a 1.8” LCD, support for MP3, WMA, AVI, JPEG, LRC, and TXT formats.

Brando Credit Card MP3 Player

I am sure by now you have probably seen a credit card shaped and sized MP3 player before. Only, chances are good, the one you saw cost a considerable amount more than this one.

Apparently there was another company with such an offering earlier this year and they were retailing a 2GB version for $150, now either they pushed their unsellable product off on Brando like they were the digital version of Goodwill, or Brando just stole their design and made it cheap. Regardless, Brando is offering up their 2GB credit card MP3 player for $42.

DVD Zabady is a splash proof portable DVD player

You can’t quite take it in the pool with you, but leaving it setting on the edge you should be fine. There is obviously a LCD screen on the device, it also plays DVDs.

The device will also read MP3s and MPEG4s off of discs. On top of that there is a SD card slot that will play the same formats from it.

Newtrend Electronics Produces Nameless PMP With DVB-T

First off, I want to state that I am perturbed by the fact that we still don’t have this wireless TV technology over here, sure the fact that the number of people per square mile in most oriental countries is considerably higher, allowing for a larger customer base for short range wireless devices, but still. Anyways, they have been blessed with another portable TV equipped with DVB-T and a 7” screen.

The DVB-T even supports the EPG programming guide and teletext. There is also a lengthy list of codecs supported, starting with WAV, AAC, MP3, WMA, M-JPEG, MPEG1,2,4 , JPEG, and DivX.

Sony NWZ-A810 series sneaked onto the web

Sony NWZ-A810 series sneaked onto the web

The cat is out of the bag, Sony accidentally spill the bean on its new MP3 players. The NWZ-A810 series managed to sneaked onto SonyStyle site and let the world to take a peek of it. The 810 series sports a 2-inch QVGA (320 by 240 pixels) LCD screen capable of playing MPEG 4 and M4V videos at 30 frames per second.

The NWZ-A810 series comes with many configurations, the NWZ-A815 features 2GB of storage capacity and available in white, pink, black and silver with the price tag of $140. The NWZ-A816 sporting 4GB of storage will be available in white, pink, black and silver for $180, while the 8GB NWZ-A818 comes in black and silver only with retail price tag of $230. The A810 series comes with high quality Sony earphones (MDR-EX082).

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Panasonic SV-SD950N Bluetooth enabled audio player

Panasonic Japan has released its newest D-snap series audio player. The SV-SD950N is capable of playing AAC, MP3, and WMA files with battery life of 60 hours.

Wolverine ESP – PMP with 250GB storage

Wolverine ESP – PMP with 250GB storage

One of the problem I have with many PMP in today’s market is storage capacity. Wolverine ESP is a PMP that comes with 250GB of storage, giving you a lot of space to store your videos, photos, and music.

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Samsung Electronics Drops Two New MP3 Players, YP-P2 and YP-T10

Both are quite attractive and come in different colors. And they are bother feathery light, and quite thin. The YP-P2 weighs in at 3 ounces and the YP-T10 weighs in at half that. The dimensions of the YP-P2 are 3.9x2.1x0.4 inches while the YP-T10 is 3.8x1.6x0.3 inches.

They are both minimalist in design, only showing what is necessary to get the job done, but don’t let the minimalist exterior shy you away from the feature packed interior. Not only is the battery life for the YP-P2 and YP-T10 35 and 30 hours respectively when playing music, but they both feature Bluetooth. That feature can be put to use in some cars, a few home audio solutions, and several headsets supporting the A2DP profile.

Samsung YP-P2 Widescreen Portable Video and MP3 Player

Samsung introduced a new Bluetooth-enabled video and MP3 player today. The YP-P2 sports touch screen GUI and a 3-inch widescreen display. The YP-P2 is a gizmo with many functions including video, music, photos, voice recording, FM radio and text, as well as portable file storage.

i-Sing MP3 Karaoke Recorder

i-Sing MP3 Karaoke Recorder

Love to hear yourself sing? How about a portable MP3 Karaoke recorder that records your voice to your favorite tunes? If you think the idea is cool, you can get the i-Sign Karaoke Recorder for $119.95.

The gizmo will create a custom MP3 file for playback overlaying your voice into the music track. It is also capable of displaying lyrics on its tiny screen that you load into the player using USB port.

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