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Niveus Media inked with HDGIANT to expand Premium Movie Collections

Niveus Media inked with HDGIANT to expand Premium Movie Collections

Already providing one of the industry’s best media player and networked media server, Niveus looks to expand its content services via HDGiants to bring HD quality feature films directly through the company’s Niveus Movie Library application.

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Blockbuster announces set-top box plans

Blockbuster announces set-top box plans

Although just a rumor before, we can now confirm that Blockbuster will be building a set-top box that can stream movies to your TV in digital format. In fact, if all goes well, we can expect a release date sometime in the holiday season, which is swiftly approaching.

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Roku Netflix player to support HD Streaming by year’s end?

Netflix streaming multimedia players are heating up with HD content. Folk at Roku has revealed plan, at its public discussion forum, to deliver Netflix movies in HD by the end of year. Joining the recently announced Xbox 360, the soon-to-update Roku player will be the next Netflix Networked streaming player to support HD content.

Netflix “Watch Instantly” coming to Tivo too

Tivo DVRs will join Samsung Blu-Ray Players, LG BD300,Xbox 360 and Roku Player to stream Netflix’s online flicks. Both companies have reached an agreement to deliver an online library of 12,000 Netflix movies and TV shows though Tivo DVR set-tops, which includes Tivo S3, Tivo HD and Tivo XL.

Netflix HD streaming coming to Xbox 360

No officially words yet on the manufacturer or service provider, but early review has let the cat out of the bag; the long-awaited New Xbox Experience coming this November will not only feature Netflix movie streaming in SD format, but also in HD. Few detail are available for now, but the service will debut at November 19th and the Xbox 360 will be the first hardware to offer HD streaming from Netflix.

Tivo adds Disney and Jaman VOD content

Starting next week, Tivo subscribers will get VOD contents from Disney film and straight from their DVRs. The company has inked a new deal with the Walt Disney Studios and Jaman to add number of CinemaNow’s Disney films and Jaman’s independent and international flicks to Its S2, S3, HD, and HD XL DVR Set-tops.

NetFlix raises Blu-Ray content rental fees by A Dollar more

Early this year, Netflix has announced plan to increase Blu-ray titles and hinted the possibility of raising fees on monthly subscribers with Blu-ray renting option. The Blue-in-Red-Envelop subscribers are probably anxious to wait on the new rate, as if compatible to Blockbuster’s option. The company has formally notified its rental customers of a fees increment according to engadget and what a relief for BD-content renters! Begin at November the 5th, the company will only post a small sub-charge of a dollar + tax per month for subscribers with unlimited Blu-ray movies.

Netflix adds Starz movies, 2500 titles for online streaming

Netflix strikes a three-year deal with Starz movie services provider to offer Starz movies available for online streaming. The agreement allows the World's largest online movie rental service to add additional 2,500 Starz Play movies to its Video On Demands’ library of 12,000 movies and TV episodes.

DVDplay’s promotion, rent Blu-Ray at a dollar

Honestly, I never heard of DVDplay before. A quick search at their web site reveals there are handfuls of DVDplay Kiosks at my local grocery stores. So the DVDplay is basically a movie rental Kiosk service and they have over 1400 stores nationwide. You can rent DVD by simply browse the titles at the screen and return it back within 24 hours for a small fee of $1 per rental. Nice! Now with Blu-Ray for a dollar is even better!

The $1 per rental is limited time promotion according to Home media Magazine. It starts tomorrow but no further information has disclosed when it would end.

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