Milestone 3 XT883 from Motorola heads to China Telecom

Motorola has announced that the Milestone 3 will be headed to China Telecom. The Milestone 3 is the latest version of the smartphone we know as the Droid 3 here in the states. That Droid 3 turned up a while back in a video tutorial and looked like an interesting device. We learned not long ago that the Milestone 3 (Droid 3 in other countries) will not be hitting the UK. The Milestone 3 is hitting China though with China Unicom.

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Motorola MILESTONE Android 2.1 update released

Motorola Europe have announced that the long-awaited Android 2.1 update for the Motorola MILESTONE - the European version of the Verizon DROID - is finally available for download.  The impatient can head over to Motorola's support pages and get it for PC installation, while those with better things to do with their time - or who use a Mac, since Moto don't seem to offer an OS X version of the firmware updater - can wait a few days for a promised OTA update.

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The Daily Slash: March 23rd, 2010

We do our very best here at SlashGear to bring you the latest intelligence from the huge, and still growing world of the tech industry. But, as it stands, we’re only human, and sometimes we’re just not able to bring you every single piece of information we get our hands on. It’s unfortunate, but we also don’t want to give you any kind of sensory overload throughout the day. We realized that there were still a lot of great stories out there, so we wanted to bring them to your attention, in a nice, orderly fashion. That’s why we have the Daily Slash, where we’ll bring you a daily wrap-up of all the cool, interesting, or just plain shiny stuff we find.

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Motorola MILESTONE on sale in UK now

Motorola's MILESTONE - aka the GSM DROID - is finally in stock at Expansys UK.  The retailer currently holds the exclusivity agreement for the smartphone, which means UK buyers won't be seeing the Android 2.0 device in retail stores on the highstreet any time soon.  It's priced at £449.99 ($732) unlocked, though Expansys are also happy to sell you a subsidized model with contract.