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Froyo roundup: DROID 2 to launch with Android 2.2; updates for Galaxy S and Vodafone Nexus One dated

Lashings of Froyo rumor over the past twenty-four hours, with talk of Android 2.2 headed to various high-end handsets.  First off, spyshots have tipped the Motorola DROID 2 as launching on Verizon with Froyo preloaded according to Droid-Life, rather than the Android 2.1 OS we've seen on the DROID X, while elsewhere there's talk of Android 2.2 updates for existing devices.

That includes a Froyo update for the Vodafone Google Nexus One as early as next week, with the carrier-branded device finally getting what unlocked users have been enjoying for a few weeks now.  Handy, since Google has announced that they'll soon not be offering the unlocked version themselves, leaving it up to carrier partners to supply the phone.

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DROID X bootloader block bricks phones on Motorola’s orders

ROM-fondlers beware; Motorola aren't just frowning on unofficial firmware being loaded on devices like the DROID X, DROID 2 and future Android smartphones, they're actively making sure the end result is a bricked handset.  According to MyDroidWorld, attempts to install alternative ROMs, kernels or bootloaders will trip the Motorola eFuse, bricking the phone in the process; to return the smartphone to a functional state will require attention from Motorola themselves, and owners testing quite how flexible their warranty policies are.

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Motorola confirm locked DROID 2 and DROID X bootloaders

Hacking the Motorola DROID X and DROID 2 may be a significantly tougher prospect, thanks to the confirmation that the company will be locking the bootloaders of their future Android handsets.  The bootloader - which is used to install custom ROMs that add new, unofficial functionality or streamline the Android user-experience - will be secured so as to prevent non-Motorola ROMs being loaded, the company says, explaining that the open bootloader on the DROID was the exception rather than the rule.

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Verizon DROID 2 benchmarks suggest fastest Android so far [Video]

We're expecting Motorola and Verizon to take the wraps off of the new DROID 2 this coming Wednesday, but the smartphone has already shown up for some in-the-wild pre-testing.  Over at Android and Me they've been putting the 1GHz smartphone through its paces, and according to their benchmarking figures the DROID 2 is well on its way to being the fastest Android 2.1 handset to-date, as well as packing almost twice the graphical performance of its DROID predecessor.

Video demo after the cut

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Verizon DROID 2 spotted in wild: 1GHz & Android 2.2 tipped

It seems that while the majority of us have to wait for leaks to see the Motorola DROID 2, those at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab get a sneak preview courtesy of Verizon themselves.  The carrier apparently attended a tech show there, and a summer intern called Zack spotted the new DROID 2 on their stand.  Promptly filing a report for Gizmodo, Zack describes the DROID 2 as "smoother than the original DROID" and an easier keyboard to use thanks to the removal of the huge D-pad and a dedicated voice-command shortcut key.

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The Daily Slash: May 12th 2010

Is it already Wednesday? Apparently that old saying about time flying is true, after all. Glad we could independently confirm that for you. In any event, welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Daily Slash. Tonight, in the Best of R3, we've got another mysterious Motorola handset, Apple shows off a new ad, and Microsoft Mobile Office slips out of Beta. And then in the Dredge 'Net, one man believes Africa (all of it) should have WiFi, Comcast has a new iPad app, and Netflix has finally given PCs and Macs something to live for.

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