Asus Hardware for Webware – Firefox and Skype embedded in the ROM

I hate it when people use my computer. No one has ever really messed up my computer just from surfing the net on it, but I still don't like it. The easiest way to keep someone from changing your preferences or deleting your important files is to just set up a limited account for guests to use. But what if you wanted an added layer of security?

Video of ASUS’ instant-on Linux dual boot distro shows Skype VOIP

In their latest high-end motherboard ASUS has slapped a cute little Linux multi-boot distro in there, called Express Gate, to give access to media functionality without needing to load Windows.  Now It's conjured up by DeviceVM and originally called Splashtop, and its unique selling point is that it not only features a media player or even an internet browser, but almost instant access to Skype for VOIP calls.  Now there's a video of the system in action.


ASUS add WiFi-N, quick-boot Linux to P5E3 motherboard

In ye olden days your motherboard was made of cheese and was really just a place for the RAM to sleep; now you can't move inside a computer without bumping into dual-channels, PCI-express slots and random little surface-mounted chips with their own tiny fans.  ASUS have stepped up the game (if the game you're playing is "build a complicated circuitboard") with their P5E3 Deluxe WiFi-AP@n motherboard, which not only boasts such niceties as Intel's X38 chipset, Dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 lanes and support for DDR3 1800MHz dual-channel memory, but integrated 802.11N wireless and embedded Linux.


Access I/O NANO I/O Server CD is small, but powerful

The NANO board is just a motherboard that is being touted as Nano-ITX even though one of its dimensions is 2mm larger than the Nano-ITX form factor allows for. The motherboard has an IDE port, a CF card slot, and gets its processing power from an ETX module.

Other ports include Ethernet, VGA out, 4 USB ports, 3.5mm jacks for both audio in and out, and PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse. There are also a couple of serial ports and PC/104-Plus expansion with both ISA and PCI bus stacking connectors.

VIA EPIA SN features 1.8GHz Processor

VIA has launched another mini-ITX motherboard with an integrated CPU. This one however is the fastest motherboard they have ever launched that fits in a mini-ITX footprint.

The full model name is the VIA EPIA SN18000G, and it uses the CN896 IGP chipset. That means it has integrated graphics that are DX9 compatible and can do MPEG-2 acceleration with hardware. However there is a PCIe x16 slot should you choose to upgrade to a better graphics card.

ECS 671T-M – SiS671 based motherboard

ECS 671T-M – SiS671 based motherboard

ECS is best known for its low cost motherboard and the new 671T-M motherboard is no different. The board uses SiS671 chipset and claimed to be compatible with Vista. The board will support Intel Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D/ Pentium 4/ Celeron D processors, and DDR2-667/533 memory up to 4GB.

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Asus unveils P5K3 Premium motherboard with 2GB DDR3 onboard

Asus has just introduced an interesting new motherboard that moves away from the traditional idea of RAM. Instead of giving you a set of DIMM slots, they just integrated 2GB of DDR3 1333 MHz memory onto their new P5K3 Premium motherboard.

ASUS get overwhelmingly serious with Blitz Extreme gaming motherboard

Are you a hardcore gamer?  Are you kept awake at night worrying about how your graphics data might be colliding with other data rushing through your PCIe channels?  Well, you could either go see your doctor and be prescribed some serious strength sleeping tablets, or you could bite the bullet and invest in ASUS' latest gaming motherboard, the Blitz Extreme.


VIA debuts new Mini-ITX board

If you're in the market for a smaller-than-usual motherboard, chances are you'll end up with a Mini-ITX board, as it is increasingly growing in popularity. VIA has several different boards based on this form-factor, and have just recently released a new one.

The VIA EPIA LT features dual-LAN and dual LVDS and comes with either a 1.5GHz or 1.0GHz processor. If you're looking for a silent configuration, you'll want to go with the 1.0GHz model. It has a variety of I/O ports including four (yes four) COM ports, a PCI slot and 6 USB ports.

Shuttle plans to sell standalone XPC motherboards

Shuttle plans to sell standalone XPC motherboards

SFF enthusiast loves Shuttle. The maker of the famous XPC small form factor desktop has announces that it will be selling XPC’s motherboard as a standalone product. So if you own a Shuttle XPC, you can upgrade your system to a newer motherboard and CPU without having to buy a whole XPC barebones anymore. There are no information yet if these boards can be use in generic ATX cases (I don’t see why not with some case mods).

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Via ship Pico-ITX micro-motherboard

We wrote about the Pico-ITX form-factor back in January, calling Via's 100 x 72mm motherboard "the new standard" in micro computing; well, the first design to hit the shelves is the EPIA PX10000G, complete with a 1GHz C7 CPU and support for up to 1GB of SDRAM.


Gigabyte mini-DTX motherboard offers compact dual-core grunt

Looking at Intel's new mini-ITX board that Scott wrote about earlier, but disappointed by the Celeron 215 processor?  Gigabyte might have the answer with their slightly-larger but still compact Churchill mini-DTX motherboard, capable of sporting CPUs from the Athlon 64 or Sempron single or dual-core ranges.


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