MobileMedia vs Apple case: the three patents listed

Earlier today it was reported that Apple was found guilty of infringing on a set of three patents owned by the group known as MobileMedia. These patents have been revealed as dealing with the display of call options on a smart device screen, a method of determining the worth of an incoming call, and another dealing with a camera on a smart device. Each of these patents being found infringed upon by Apple has made MobileMedia Chief Executive Officer Larry Horn "very pleased", his post-session interview with Bloomberg letting the world know that MobileMedia "feels [the ruling is] justified" on all counts.

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iPhone infringes three MobileMedia patents: here’s what possible

It would appear that the patent-centric group known as MobileMedia has scored a hit against Apple this week as Bloomberg reports a U.S. Court finding the iPhone to be infringing on three patents held by the former company. This case is part of an ongoing assault struck up by the company known in full as "MobileMedia Ideas" which is jointly owned by Sony and Nokia as well as MPEG LA. The three patents in the case are being ruled upon by U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson in Delaware and include, first and foremost, a patent for a rotating display software feature.

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