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Apple Pay news: Amazon in, Rite Aid out

All the excitement over Apple Pay doesn’t reach as far as some would have hoped. Previously, we told you about Amazon’s reluctance to allow their Amazon Rewards Visa — issued by Chase, a day-one partner for Apple Pay — into your digital wallet. There is relief on that front, but Apple Pay has lost a retail partner in the mix of it all. Rite Aid is no longer accepting Apple Pay payments, but it seems to be more an NFC issue than one with Apple Pay.

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iPad Air 2 registers with “secret” NFC? Not so fast…

Signs of NFC hardware in the iPad Air 2 have prompted speculation that Apple could turn the tablet into an Apple Pay cash register replacement, though it's almost certain not to be something the company could enable in this generation. A recent teardown of the new 9.7-inch tablet found that it contains the same NFC chip as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Since Apple doesn't list NFC among the iPad Air 2's connectivity options, that has led to chatter that it's a feature-in-waiting; however, it's unlikely to pan out that way.

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Some Apple Pay users being charged twice for transactions

If you’ve been all over town slapping your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus on the point-of-sale terminal at the stores you frequent, you might want to take a breather and check your bank statement. If you’re using a Bank of America card, you might have been overcharged. Double charged, really. It seems some back-end problems have caused some to see their Apple Pay purchases be charged twice. If you notice a double-charge, Bank of America will refund you, though.

Apple Pay: Your full list of stores, apps, and banks supporting it

Now that iOS 8.1 is here, so is Apple Pay! The update, which launched about 90 minutes ago (at the time we publish this article), brings in Apple Pay. For those with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’ll get the ability to make purchases at several point-of-sale terminals via a myriad of banks (likely yours). For those without an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Apple Pay is still usable. To help, we’ve put together a list of apps and stores where you can use Apple Pay.

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Could a thumb-scanning MasterCard sideline Apple Pay?

Apple Pay isn't the only next-gen payments system hoping to use your thumbprint to authorize spending, with MasterCard and Zwipe teaming up on a new credit or debit card that has an integrated fingerprint scanner for more security contactless payments. Set to launch in 2015, the Zwipe MasterCard looks at first glance like a regular slice of plastic as you probably already have in your wallet, but rather than demanding you punch in a PIN code or even do something so archaic as put your signature on a receipt, the system instead automatically scans your fingerprint and uses that to authenticate that the right person is making a purchase.

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Apple Pay tipped to launch October 18

It appears as though Apple is planning to launch its Apple Pay wireless payment system in the U.S. on Saturday, October 18th. What appears to be a leaked internal Walgreens memo was sent to MacRumors, and seems to explain to company employees how the NFC payment method will work in stores, as well as how to be prepared.

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Could psychic coffee make you use mobile payments?

Mobile payments systems like Apple Pay promise to make your time at the checkout briefer, but what if they could even further accelerate the most important purchases: like that first cup of coffee in the morning? Square's new Square Order system aims to do just that, using a personalized favorites list and geolocation so that cafes and restaurants not only know what you want, but when you'll be stopping by to pick it up so that it can be ready and waiting on the counter.

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Forget Apple Pay: Plastc wants to make your wallet smarter

Does the world need another alternative payment method? Plastc believes so, promising the most security as well as the most convenience with its touchscreen-blessed credit and debit card replacement. Capable of switching between a traditional payment card, a loyalty or gift card, or even an access card to your office, Plastc has a magnetic strip that can be re-written on the fly so as to change its identity depending on where you're using it and what you want to use it for, all controlled with an app on your smartphone and an E Ink panel on the card itself.

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PayPal is getting its own turn, spinning off from eBay

Although rumored to still take place next year, eBay has now made the expected announcement. The online retailer will be spinning off PayPal into its own independent company. This is being poised as a strategy to keep the two brands separate and more lucrative in 2015, when its board predict that the association between the two would start to become a liability rather than a benefit.

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