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AT&T to stop tracking mobile Internet use

AT&T customers were probably totally, blissfully unaware they were being tracked by the carrier. In attaching a unique identifier to your mobile Internet activity, AT&T was culling all kinds of data about what sites you visited, and what apps you use. The tracking number was untouchable, too, and left users without the ability to delete it. At AT&T spokesperson now says the tracking scheme “has been phased out” of their network, but it could come back in the future.

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Zeiss Cinemizer Review

Zeiss is a name best known for its camera lenses, but the company also has entertainment in mind with the Cinemizer OLED wearable display. A chunk set of oversized video glasses, where Google's Glass takes the approach of augmenting the real world with digital tidbits, the Cinemizer blocks out the real world and allows you to replace it with 2D/3D video and motion-tracking games. Is all that worth the $750 price tag, however? Read on for the SlashGear review.

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