The rocket powered chair

There are occasions that even the most athletic person just doesn’t feel like running to the kitchen for a snack. They’d rather have someone else get it or have some high powered machinery take them to the kitchen.


The Nike PreCool Vest makes athletes last 21% longer

With another round of the Olympics coming up sporting companies need to find all kinds of new ways to get athletes to spend money on the latest and greatest equipment. Therefore obviously, Nike has stepped up with this PreCool Vest.


Glowing Doorknob grips are cheap, slightly pointless

This is officially the doorknob that will end all of those strange black eyes. No longer will women be running into doors and achieving black eyes. Alright so domestic abuse might not be all that funny, but I’ve always found that excuse incredibly comical. Me being one of the clumsiest people I know, if I can’t manage to get huge facial bruises from doors, then no one can.


The Paper GPS – slightly Amish GPS

My parents live in an area that GPS is completely and totally useless. As far as it’s concerned my parent’s house just doesn’t exist, so Mom has always just written out directions. Which typically lands you 10 miles from your destination and completely confused.


Milena – SlashGear’s hottest new addition

In case you were wondering, and I’m sure you were, Vincent, nor I, nor Mr. Davies, nor anyone on the SlashGear team you’ve likely ever heard of is reporting from CeBIT for us. Instead we have Milena, the character you see seated in the customized Mini Cooper.


Heineken BeerTender – helps you get drunk in style

I am a big fan of beer, sadly Heineken isn’t one of my favorites, but their new BeerTender works with other brands as well. This is essentially a countertop kegerator/tap for you to poor fresh beer from.


686 Original Snow Toolbelt – doesn’t make you Batman, but close

So you can’t run Wayne enterprise or leap from tall building without fear of harm just because you are wearing this belt, but the bottle opener might come in handy. There is also a Philips and flat-head screw driver and a wrench built in.


Nemorelaxer coming to an airport near you

Imagine being able to use your spare time at the airport to catch some much needed rest or net some added productivity by removing distractions. I know that I could have been a lot more productive if I could have had access to a comfortable work station which had internet access, a comfortable seat, a desk, and an easy access outlet.

The fact that it’s sound proof and has a recliner built in just makes it that much better whether you are using it to sleep or do work. There is also a touch-screen monitor that you can select and then watch movies on if you wish.


We Will Never Forget: the Boston Bomb Scare

I am sure we all remember the tragic day when the LED effigy of Ignignokt magically didn’t explode, but was still thought to be a bomb. Who would have ever thought that people in the US would be so dumb and ignorant to think that an LED lit up sign is a bomb.

But they did, in the end; I believe two men were charged with some dumbass charges because they somehow managed to declare the LED signs “hoax devices”. So, next time you have a company and you hire some people to do some advertising for you, might want to be careful, they might be considered terrorists.


EcoButton is eco-friendly

I try to be eco friendly, I want to be, but I slip up a lot as do most of us. What I need is something that is simple to use and hard to forget about. The EcoButton is a great way to give it another try.


Wooden Mouse takes a tech step backwards

I was under the impression that new products where supposed to be more advanced but I guess I was wrong. This wooden mouse falls into what I’d called “novelty items”.


Vibe Body Sound bone conduction headphones

I don’t get the big deal over headphones, earbuds or what-have-you. I’m not a music connoisseur or anything so sound quality is not as important to me as comfort and getting to listen to my music. I also don’t get the people dying because they don’t turn their music down while walking down busy roads or train tracks. The Vibe Body Sound headphones appear to be comfortable and will reduce death.


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