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Kinect for Windows SDK beta launch imminent

Microsoft's Kinect for Windows SDK will be released in beta form this week, according to Microsoft Spain president María Garaña, the toolkit allowing developers to use the motion-tracking hardware with PCs rather than the Xbox 360. Among the initially supported features, WinRumors reports, will be skeletal tracking for one or two people along with use of the four-microphone array.

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Nyko Zoom play range reduction lens for Kinect is great for smaller rooms

Last Christmas my kids really wanted to get the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and that Kinectimals game. I realized right away that the way the room was arranged where we kept the gaming system there wasn’t enough room for us to get back far enough from the TV for the Kinect to work ideally without rearranging furniture. That meant the Kinect wasn’t very accurate and just didn’t work so it has sat unused all these months.

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E3 2011: UFC Live Xbox Details Emerge

E3 2011 started off great today with Microsoft blowing things wide open with all sorts of news and exciting things to come. Click the E3 2011 at the beginning of this post for more coverage. One of the details that dropped today that I am happy to hear and report about is what they called "UFC LIVE". Yes the President of the UFC Dana White took the stage at E3 today to talk about UFC LIVE. Now with Kinect support and a partnership with Microsoft that will allow users all the UFC content their hearts desire.

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Microsoft E3 leak: Halo 4 confirmed; Kinect Fun Labs games detailed [Video]

Microsoft's E3 2011 announcements have been prematurely revealed, and the company only has itself to blame. The Xbox E3 page spilled the details for a few short moments, but enough for us to grab some screenshots: not only is Halo 4 confirmed as on its way, along with Dance Central 2, Kinect Star Wars and other titles, but new Kinect Fun Labs games too. More details and shots after the cut.

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Flapping Toasters – Kinect, Meet 1989

Clever hackers put together an interactive piece of art that is reminiscent of the old Flying Toasters screensaver. The artists call it a kitschy "absurdist reconstruction of the classic screensaver Flying Toasters." Become one with the winged toaster, flap your arms to flap the wings and tilt to flip your tiny silver box to roll away from danger. First off, this looks really fun. Secondly, they're already talking about turning it into a game. This is an early look into something that's going to be super fun.

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Windows 8 facial-recognition login API spotted [Updated]

Microsoft's next-gen OS, Windows 8, will be user-aware according to the latest APIs discovered, suggesting the platform could well be able to track and identify users when they sit at their PCs. Windows8Italia spotted the "Detect human presence" API in among their M1 copy of Windows 8; Microsoft has used a similar system on the Xbox 360 with Kinect, to log users into Xbox LIVE services using face recognition.

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Xbox 360 Remains King in 2011

As of March 2011, Xbox 360 is and remains the number one selling console in the entirety of the United States. This is judged based on console and software sales as well as continued consumer demand for the accessory known as Kinect, aka the fastest selling consumer electronics device in 60 days in recorded history. Sounds pretty impressive, yes? Let's go through a few highlights that'll continue to make your brain melt all over the floor.

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Microsoft Research: Medical Imaging Search Engine

Right now, we're living in a world where we look at more computer generated imagery than anything else. Doctors are reaching a critical point where the amount of medical imagery generated during something like a routine CT scan is daunting to navigate. Kenju Suzuki at the University of Chicago says, "As medical imaging has advanced, so many images are produced that there is a kind of information overload. The workload has grown a lot." Antonio Criminisi leads a group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, U.K. working on a system that will make it easier for doctors to work with databases of medical imagery. The system indexes the images generated during the scans. It automatically recognizes organs, and they are working to train the system to detect certain kinds of brain tumors.

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Next-Gen Windows UI previewed: Kinect, Windows Phone & bubbly tablets [Video]

Microsoft has previewed a next-gen UI for smartphones, tablets and PCs, which evolves the traditional windows and icons into bubbles of information which can be manipulated with motion-tracking hardware. The video, presented by Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie, shows how gadgets like Kinect and multitouch displays like Surface can be used for more naturalistic interaction with data.

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