Microsoft Kinect

Xbox Kinect “not just an accessory” anymore

While many gamers have been focusing on the various fiascos surrounding the Xbox One's used game policy and such (for which Microsoft pulled a 180), one thing that a lot of people have overlooked is the intense focus that Microsoft is putting on its Kinect sensor with the new console. While it can be considered an accessory of sorts for the Xbox 360, the Xbox One Kinect takes things to a whole new level.

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Xbox One Kinect privacy concerns addressed by lawmakers with new bill

Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One and the new Kinect sensor, privacy advocates have been up in arms about how the Kinect watches and listens to its users at all times in order to be at the ready when a voice command or hand gesture is initiated. Lawmakers are also joining in, proposing a new bill that wouldn't ban this kind of technology, but require an opt-in option.

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Xbox One privacy concerns assuaged by Microsoft in “always on” explanation

Microsoft wasn't terribly clear on certain aspects of the Xbox One upon its unveiling, and one area that raised concerns was a claim that the device was "always on," serving as a type of spy in your living room listening to your conversations and peeking at your activities. Microsoft made a couple attempts to clear up some of these concerns last month, but today has detailed privacy specifics that gamers can expect from their next-gen console.

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Kinect for Windows implementing hand gestures and 3D mapping

Some great things are in store for Kinect for Windows. Microsoft is very close to releasing a hand-gesture recognition feature in its Kinect software that will allow its users to manipulate their PC much more efficiently. The new development allows the Kinect to accurately detect and follow your hand movements, and will bring new functionality to developers who want to implement hand gestures in their apps or their games.

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Microsoft next-gen Kinect sensor to support 1080p, USB 3.0, and 60ms latency

There's a lot of talk going on about Microsoft's next-generation gaming console, but we haven't heard a whole lot about the console's next-generation Kinect sensor add-on. According to a leak, the new Kinect will feature quite a bit of upgrades from the current sensor, including full HD streaming, and a quicker latency that's cut down by a third from the current Kinect sensor.

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