SanDisk announces 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro

SanDisk announces 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro

SanDisk will soon be announcing their largest mobile phone storage capacity to date with their 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2). And with a release date in October for the U.S., Europe and Asia, they're just in time to bring the recently announced T-Mobile G1 up to a level playing field with the iPhone 3G in terms of storage capacity.

These new higher capacity memory cards are intended to fall in line with the numerous features available on today's handsets. Where there are more features, there's more need for storage, so SanDisk is keeping with the times. But these cards are not just meant for mobile phones. In fact, they can be used in GPS and video cameras as well.

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LG DP889 is Digital Picture Frame, DVD player in one

LG DP889 is Digital Picture Frame, DVD player in one

If you are an all-in-one device fiend, this digital picture frame and DVD player in one should whet your appetite for gadgets. The LG DP889 packs in multiple features making for a well rounded device that can show off your photos and play your favorite movies. 

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SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s SDHC cards launch

SanDisk have announced their latest high-speed SDHC memory cards, the Extreme III 30MB/s edition.  As the name suggests, the cards are now capable of 30MB/s data transfer rates, up 50-percent on the previous generation.  Sizes will include 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

Kingston 8GB microSDHC memory card

Storage manufacturer Kingston has announced a new microSDHC card, which packs 8GB and supports up to 4MB/sec transfers.  Intended for use with media files on cellphones and other mobile devices, it can also be used in full-sized SDHC slots courtesy of the card adaptor.

Sony Memory Stick Micro 8GB finally arrives

Sony have announced their largest capacity Memory Stick Micro card yet, offering 8GB of storage on the frankly tiny chip.  The M2 card doubles the previous maximum storage, meaning mobile users (the format is common in Sony Ericsson cellphones) can store over 2000 128kbps MP3s or over 5,000 5-megapixel photos.

Fujifilm 310x CompactFlash is world’s fastest memory card

Another day, another "World's fastest"; this time it's the turn of Fuji, who are frothing with excitement over their new CompactFlash card.  The 310x version offers pro-photographers (because it's most likely they who will take advantage of such things) the fastest sustained write speed of any memory card currently available.  Requiring a UDMA compatible digital SLR or camcorder, the new card boasts a write speed of 46.5MB/sec.

SanDisk Extreme III PRO-HG Duo: 30MB/s data for DSLRs

If SanDisk continues their current naming pattern, they might soon run out of space to print on their memory cards; the company has just announced its fastest ever Memory Stick, the SanDisk Extreme III Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo. Available in 4GB and 8GB capacities, the card's claim to fame are its 30MB/s read & write speeds. That makes the Extreme III particularly suited to high-resolution DSLR cameras and HD camcorders.

OCZ Technologies intro 4GB DDR3 2kMHz RAM kit

The world of high-performance RAM takes no prisoners, and Super Talent Technology's previously top-of-the-line memory has now been eclipsed by OCZ Technology.  The company has announced their own 4GB DDR3 kit, the PC3-16000, which features two 2GB sticks running at 2,000MHz (compared to STT's 1,800MHz).  OCZ are positioning their RAM as ideal for overclockers and intensive gamers.

Super Talent Project X high-performance 4GB DDR3-1800 RAM kit

Super Talent Technology are already known on these pages for their high-performance solid state drives, but the memory company also specialises in speciality RAM under their Project X banner.  Intended for gamers and other users who demand excessive performance from their systems, Super Talent are claiming their new Project X DDR3-1800 4GB kit is the first on the market offering that much memory running at that fast a speed.  Rivals, apparently, have only managed DDR3-1600.

Corsair FB-DIMM kits hit 2GB and 4GB with new High-Density memory line for Mac Pros

Both kits have two sticks each in them operating at 667MHz. You have your choice of 2x1GB sticks or 2x2GB sticks. The Memory is fully buffered and is 100% compatible with your Mac Pro and comes with a lifetime warranty.

So, all in one day Mac Pro users get a new graphics card option from NVIDIA, the best graphics card manufacturer there is on the planet, and a new memory upgrade option from Corsair, the best memory manufacturer on the planet. I’d say any Mac Pro user must be feeling extra important today, all things considered they are already using the best desktop computer there is on the planet.

Corsair also has a Mac notebook memory line as well, if you are a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro owner looking to upgrade the RAM on both. These two kits however were tested at Apple’s laboratories in California to make sure everything works and is up to snuff, and they do work, the price isn’t bad either at $165 for the 2GB kit and $225 for the 4GB kit.

[via Corsair]

iRiver E100 MP3 Player – thin and sexy

This isn’t your standard MP3 player, its packing stereo speakers, FM radio, a microSD card slot, line-in, and a new D-Click system. On top of all that it has a large 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen.

Sony HDR-TG1 – it’s shiny, still kind of iffy on performance

Akihabra News was lucky enough to have Sony lend them one of their newest HandyCams for review, the HDR-TG1. In Europe it’s known as the TG3, but the product is the same, a thin, light, and shiny FullHD digital camcorder.