Nokia Windows Phone: Everything you need to know

Nokia's news today that it would be adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone may have fit in with the rumors, but it still met with significant surprise among industry and users alike. On the surface it looks a lot like the Finnish company has sacrificed independence for short-term survival, though both Nokia and Microsoft argue that this is in fact the beginning of a far more symbiotic relationship. After the cut, everything you need to get up to speed on the new Nokia Windows Phone agreement.

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MeeGo hardware “repurposed” for Windows Phone; no WP7 update for N8 or E7

Nokia will use hardware, industrial design work and chipsets intended for MeeGo devices for Windows Phone handsets instead, it has been confirmed, as the company "repurposes" its investment into bolstering what's expected to be a "large number of Windows Phone devices" by 2012. According to CEO Stephen Elop, the same is true for Symbian devices, suggesting that "you may see some similar devices that launch with Symbian and Windows Phone," though existing devices are unlikely to see an update to Windows Phone 7.

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Nokia considering Microsoft and MeeGo for future tablets

Nokia's tablet strategy may look to Microsoft's platforms and, according to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, "what they are currently working on", however the company could also use its own platforms, such as MeeGo. Reluctant to comment specifically on the potential for Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 or MeeGo tablet-scale hardware specifically, Elop stressed that Nokia had reserved the right to use something different from Microsoft's range.

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Nokia: “Success requires speed. We will be swift”

In an open letter from Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer published today, the two chief executives promise to "disrupt" other mobile ecosystems, "overcome" challenges and "be swift" in their implementation of Windows Phone 7 on Nokia hardware. "Together," the letter claims, "we see the opportunity, and we have the will, the resources and the drive to succeed."

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Nokia announces Windows Phone partnership

Nokia has announced a partnership with Microsoft, adopting Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform. In the process, Symbian will become a "franchise platform", while MeeGo will be an open-source, mobile operating system project; Nokia still expects to ship a MeeGo device later in 2011, but the platform will be considered as for "longer-term market exploration of next-generation devices, platforms and user experiences."

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Nokia CEO: “It’s not just differentiation but sustainable differentiation”

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has insisted that the decision over the company's future platform strategy must enable long-term viability and partnership opportunities, rather than simply a short-term rescue to the company's finances in 2011. "It's not just differentiation but sustainable differentiation" the new chief-exec told AllThingsD in an interview last week, running through the pros and cons of MeeGo, Android and Windows Phone 7 as the potential suitors for Nokia's well-esteemed hardware.

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Google VP snipes at Nokia with turkey trash talk

Google VP of engineering Vic Gundotra has made what seems to be a dig at Nokia ahead of the company's Capital Markets Day event on Friday, February 11, taking to Twitter to suggest that "#Feb Two turkeys do not make an Eagle". The snub would certainly appear to suggest that any talks between Nokia and Google haven't resulted in the Finnish company adopting Android as its platform salvation.

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Nokia N9-00 reportedly axed as MeeGo flails

Nokia has reportedly cancelled its first MeeGo smartphone project, believed to be the N9-00 QWERTY-toting slider first spotted midway through 2010. Reuters' sources couldn't give a reason for the decision to axe the phone, though a leaked memo believed to be the handiwork of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop blames slow delivery of new products, poor internal communications and lackluster leadership for the fact that only one MeeGo device might reach the market by the end of the year.

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Nokia “Standing on a burning platform” says CEO memo

As indications of comfort-levels with your current cellphone software go, describing the situation as "standing on a burning platform" doesn't exactly suggest contentment. That, according to leaky voices finding their way to TechCrunch, is the title of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's latest internal memo, in which he concludes with the metaphor of someone jumping off a platform "into the unknown to avoid certain death."

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