Nook Color hacked to run MeeGo

The Nook Color eReader from Barnes & Noble started out life as a color screen reader that would let people read with full color images and such. The cool thing about the Nook Color was that it runs Android and that OS opened the doors for all sorts of cool hacks to surface including some for new versions of Android and a lot more. For instance, you can get Android 3.0 on the Nook Color if you want using available hacks.

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Nokia admits MeeGo was false hope

Nokia's fall from cellular grace, decision to abandon Symbian and contentious shift to Windows Phone is still a touchy topic, especially for loyal Nokia fans frustrated by how MeeGo was marginalized in favor of the Microsoft platform. Listen to CEO Stephen Elop and key members of the Nokia team, however, and it seems MeeGo was never near being the salvation the company needed. In a lengthy Bloomberg piece on the company and its new CEO, the stand-out message is one of speed: at its previous rate there would have been a mere three MeeGo devices by 2014, but now, in less than three months since announcing the Microsoft partnership, Elop has "got a working Windows Phone in my pocket now ... we're moving at a speed that's faster than Nokia has ever moved before."

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Acer Honeycomb tablet on Intel Oak Trail due by July; MeeGo in wings

Acer's first Android 3.0 based tablet running on Intel's Oak Trail processors is expected to hit retail by July at the latest, going by the latest Taipei rumors, offering the promise of greater performance over existing ARM-based slates like the Iconia Tab A500 but maintaining comparable pricing. According to DigiTimes' sources, Compal is already mass-producing the anonymous tablet; meanwhile, Acer is reportedly considering adding another tablet platform to its portfolio.

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Intel Again Promises Phones by Early 2012

If you'll remember around this time last month there was a sales call held by Intel with their investors discussing earnings. During that call there were a few words exchanged regarding Medfield, Intel's supposed phone processor. During that talk Intel CEO Paul Otellini noted that losing Nokia "took a lot of wind out of our sails" but that resources had been redeployed, Otellini noting, “I would be very disappointed if you didn’t see Intel based phones 12 months from now.” Today at an investor conference in Santa Clara, California, Otellini again confirmed the future of the phone sect of Intel.

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