Intel bringing tablet & ultra-thin netbooks to Computex

Intel has promised to deliver its alternative to the iPad and other ARM-based tablets at Computex 2010, with Mooly Eden - vice president of the company's PC Client Group - taking to the stage at the Intel Investor Meeting to show off a new ultra-thin dual-core netbook reference design together with a tablet.  According to Eden, Intel "are going to design silicon" for the tablet segment and will "actively participate" in the market.

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Dell Athens & Sparta netbooks tipped, plus Looking Glass Pro HD tablet

Dell have been piloting a pretty leaky ship recently, with smartphones and tablets spilling out all over the place, and next up are the company's MID, netbook and tablet intentions.  AndroidCentral have acquired an image showing that Dell plan a convertible netbook/tablet, the "Sparta" in Q3 2011, which will have a nifty rotating touchscreen that pivots within its bezel, and a "true" netbook, the "Athens", later that quarter.  Going by the logos, they'll be available either with Android or Moblin (though we're guessing the latter was used prior to the Nokia/Intel MeeGo announcement).

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Nokia smartphone sales up, but Symbian^3 delayed; MeeGo device due this year

Nokia have announced their financial results for the last quarter, and the Finnish company reported a quarterly decline in both cellphone and smartphone sales though an increase in comparison to the same period a year ago.  Overall 107.8m handsets - 21.5m of which were smartphones - were sold in the three month period, up from 93.2-percent in Q1 2009, but down from 126.9-percent in Q4 2009.  Meanwhile, Nokia have confirmed that they will be delaying the release of Symbian^3 handsets until Q3 2010, with the first announcement expected sometime in the first half of this year.

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MeeGo details spill: UIs for netbook & smartphone, more

Intel's developer conference kicked off in Beijing this week, and among the announcements there's talk of their MeeGo collaborative platform with Nokia.  That includes some UI examples - for both netbooks, as seen here, and mobile devices, which you can see after the cut - together with feature lists and roadmaps.  Nothing specific in terms of actual device releases, of course, but Intel have confirmed that MeeGo v1.1 should land in late October 2010.

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Nokia tablet “as early as fall” reckons hopeful analyst

Nokia's Internet Tablet range died with the introduction of the N900, having failed to set the market alight in any great respect, but at least one analyst reckons the Finnish company is ramping up to take on Apple's iPad.  Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar - said to be "close to Nokia's technology partners" by TheStreet - is half predicting and half hoping that Nokia jump into the tablet segment again, saying that "this is a new window, and Nokia had better be at the starting gate if and when the product category takes off."

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Mobile OS Madness in Barcelona

Another Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has come and gone, and this one was clearly Microsoft’s show. “Windows Phone 7 Series” is nearly impossible to say out loud, but the OS itself meets the user interface bar set by Apple and Palm while tying together all of Microsoft’s consumer brands. I got hands on time with a prototype and was impressed, but if you want an early look yourself, you don’t need to be an analyst with access to high level Microsoft executives, you just need to scrape together $220 and buy a Zune HD. Zune lends WP7 both its user interface conventions and its PC software for media management, synchronization, and purchase. Microsoft still needs to convince developers to support the platform, but the company is relevant in mobile again for the first time in years.

Aava Mobile Intel Moorestown MID hands-on

Intel brought along their second Moorestown-based MID to MWC 2010, made by Aava Mobile, and we grabbed a chance to try out both the Moblin and the Android versions.  No matter the OS, the hardware is the same: a considerable touchscreen, WiFi and 3G, along with the usual sensors - GPS, accelerometer, digital compass - and both front and rear facing cameras.

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