Planex MZK-WDPR Rugby router/touchscreen media player

Remember the unusually rugby-ball shaped Qisda router that was spotted leaping through the FCC back in early December?  The touchscreen media-player-cum-router has now been spotted - on sale - in Japan, as the Planex MZK-WDPR "Rugby" wireless network router.  As the Qisda manual suggested, the wireless networking device supports WiFi b/g/n, has a 3.5-inch color touchscreen and can play YouTube videos, locally stored media and internet radio stations.

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Hulu $4.99 paywall rumored: Could this pave way to official Boxee support?

Mutterings of premium content continue to sweep across the streaming media space, with Hulu the latest to be tipped as preparing to move some of the more popular shows behind a paywall.  The news - which suggests Hulu are considering asking a $4.99 per month subscription for older episodes of shows like 30 Rock, Modern Family and House - comes after Boxee announced their own plans to launch premium content over the summer.

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Boxee adding paid-content support Summer 2010

Boxee have announced that they intend to add payments support to their media center platform, allowing users to purchase pay-per-view and subscription content from the company's media partners.  Expected to roll out over the Summer, the payments system will work in tandem with the existing free content, with media owners able to charge for none, some or all of their offerings.

Iomega iConnect hands-on

We called Iomega's iConnect a Pogoplug derivative back when the company announced it last week, but having caught up with the company at CES 2010 it seems we may have been a bit too harsh.  Ostensibly a straightforward way to get USB storage hooked up to your network, in fact sharing HDDs and flash drives is just one string to the iConnect's bow.  Check out our demo video and more details after the cut.

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Popcorn Hour A-200 networked media tank: $179 from Jan 18th

Popcorn Hour have eschewed CES 2010 for their latest media player, and instead stealth-announced it on their user forum.  The Popcorn Hour A-200 is a compact set-top box that slots in-between the company's entry-level A-110 and flagship C-200; you lose the externally-accessed HDD/Blu-ray bay (though you can still internally mount a 2.5/3.5-inch HDD) but still get 1080p HD functionality and the company's new UI and app center.

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Boxee Box by D-Link demo

Boxee have already developed something of a cult following with the software incarnation of their media player, and with the unveil at CES 2010 of the standalone Boxee Box by D-Link we've a feeling they're about to go mainstream.  We stopped by to check out the latest version of Boxee, together with the Tegra 2 packing hardware D-Link have put together for it; you can see our hands on video after the cut.

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D-Link Pebble Media Player for local & network streaming

D-Link would like to point out that Sling Media aren't the only company who can do place-shifting with interestingly-designed hardware, and to that end the networking specialists have outed the D-Link Pebble Media Player at CES 2010.  A curvaceous lump with both HDMI and ethernet connectivity, the Pebble can stream media from across a network or play it from local memory cards or USB sticks.

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