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iLife update for iOS and OS X: iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband

With the ushering in of new hardware on both the desktop and the mobile front, the folks at Apple this week have brought on a new collection of software updates as well. They've update iLife in full - working with new versions of iMovie, iPhoto, and Garageband for both iOS and OS X. These updates bring both worlds just that much closer together.

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MacBook Pro 13 and 15-inch refreshed with Haswell

This week with the incoming wave of OS X Mavericks announcements came the official unveiling of the 2013 Intel Core (Haswell)-packing MacBook Pro lineup. This new push for the 4th generation of Intel Core technology also has the MacBook Pro readied to be the highest-end solution for users looking for notebooks from the OS X universe, Apple also having released Haswell-readied MacBook Air units earlier this year for the lightest side of things and a brand new iMac most recently.

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Apple iPad 5 event predictions: iPad mini 2, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro 2013

Tomorrow morning an Apple event is set to take off bringing on a set of new devices starting, first and foremost, in the iPad arena. The 5th generation iPad is tipped to appear alongside the 2nd generation iPad mini, both of them ready to work with iOS 7 right out of the box. The desktop and mobile laptop environments are also tipped to be getting an update with the MacBook Pro lineup receiving 4th generation Intel Core technology (Haswell) alongside a final push for the Mac Pro 2013 to stores.

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MacBook Pro Haswell refresh tipped for September

After the WWDC 2013 boost given to the MacBook Air range with Intel's 4th generation Core processor technology, it would appear that the end of Summer is appearing as the most likely landing spot for this team-up with the MacBook Pro. What better time to bring this Haswell action in a FULL reboot than the push for both Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems in the second half of this year? It may well be the (still unofficial) September 10th event where this all goes down.

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2014 MacBook and iPad IGZO display switch tipped

Apple's 2014 MacBook refresh will see the company switch to IGZO displays, it's reported, reducing power consumption while simultaneously improving clarity. The switch, which isn't expected to take place until the first half of next year, will see Apple raid the production lines of Sharp and LG Display, ETNews reports, with the iPad also potentially in line for the screen technology.

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MacBook Pro reboot appears in benchmarks for 13 and 15-inch iterations

Those of you waiting for the next-generation MacBook Pro line will do well to keep eyes tuned to the benchmark world this week where two new models have appeared with GeekBench, a 15-inch reboot popping up today. This set of new devices do not yet have one whole heck of a lot of details attached to them as such, but what we can see is telling. Both devices, for instance, work with a custom build of Apple's newest desktop operating system OS X Mavericks.

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