SlashGear’s Apple event liveblog starts here at 10AM PST

With an iPad mini, refreshes of several other devices in smaller forms, and an updated software build quite likely in the wings, our [live update feed] (otherwise known as a liveblog) will be running rampant with colors galore. You can tune in on the Apple event starting at 10AM PST on October 23rd (thats Tuesday), and we'll have already started updates earlier in the morning right here in the SlashGear main news feed. This event promises to be a doozy with "We've got a little more to show you" as Apple's chosen tagline - miniature everything!

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iPhone 5 event liveblog starts in 1hr here on SlashGear!

The Apple Store is down, our liveblog is up, and the Apple event that'll almost certainly be bringing on the iPhone 5 is less than an hour away! We've got several portals for you to jump in on the big Apple action for everything from software to various bits of hardware, starting with our liveblog portal at Next you'll want to jump straight into our Apple portal for big news stories right as they're announced straight from Apple!

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Apple Education Event Liveblog Reminder!

Apple's education-focused New York City event kicks off in just ninety minutes time, and SlashGear is warming up the liveblogging machine to bring you all the details. Expected to see Apple's first interactive textbook creation app revealed, described by leaky tipsters as "GarageBand for eBooks", the new tool is believed to mark the Cupertino company's assault on the education market, doing for textbooks what it has already done for music.

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WWDC 2011: Steve Jobs keynote liveblog tomorrow!

WWDC 2011 kicks off tomorrow, Monday June 6, and while for developers it's the beginning of a week packed full of coding, knocking heads with Apple's engineers, and generally sharing in the iOS/OS X bonhomie, for everyone else it's another Steve Jobs keynote and the promise of some significant platform news. SlashGear will be liveblogging the opening WWDC keynote tomorrow morning, kicking off 10am PST, where Jobs is expected to cover iOS 5.0, Mac OS X Lion, and the debut of iCloud.

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Apple iLife 11 Announced

At today's Apple event, everyone is anticipating all sorts of different products. Specifically, the majority is waiting to see some hardware. But, Apple decided to start on the software side of things, and officially unveiled their next iteration of iLife, iLife 11. After being upgraded every year or two, Steve Jobs says that this is the best out there for what the software does.

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SlashGear’s “Back to the Mac” Liveblog starting now!

It's t-minus 30 minutes before Apple's "Back to the Mac" event begins, and we're getting ready to liveblog the whole event over at  Apple is expected to unveil a new MacBook Air, together with previewing a new version of iLife 2011 and, perhaps most importantly, a new version of their desktop platform, OS X 10.6 "Lion".  We want to hear your opinions as well, so join in the conversation in our live comments, too.

Apple Liveblog reminder, plus live video stream (for iOS/OS X)

After the apparent success of Apple's last live video streaming efforts, the company has decided to stream their "Back to the Mac" event later at 10am PST this morning.  However, just like last time, you'll need an iOS or OS X device, like a MacBook or iPad, in order to actually watch the official Apple stream.  Handy that SlashGear is still liveblogging the whole event at, then, isn't it!

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Windows Phone 7 launch on Monday October 11 – Join us there!

Windows Phone 7 is almost upon us, with Microsoft holding not one but two events on Monday, October 11 - one in London, UK, and then another later on in the day in New York City, USA.  SlashGear will be bringing you all the news from both events, including a liveblog of the NYC launch, where hopefully Microsoft - and their handset and carrier partners - will be telling us everything we want to know about the new smartphone platform.

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