Light Cast provides disco ball replacement, sort of

Light Cast provides disco ball replacement, sort of

I'm all for cool lighting fixtures, but this one looks especially neat. If you are looking to set the mood, the Light Cast from Gadgetshop should do the trick.

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LED Streetlights tested in NYC

LED Streetlights tested in NYC

The future is upon us! In New York City, a few LED streetlights are being tested. And if they're approved, look to see brand new lampposts that sport LED lights.

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The Vaka Light has removable lighting

Concept designs are just cruel and unusual. First of all the designer creates something completely new and gets consumers all excited over a product that may never exist (although sometimes eventually does). To make it worse, bloggers help the process by writing it up.

Magic Mushrooms to light your path

If you're looking to make your yard look a bit more mystical, or attempting to make it look like that last time you were on all those mystery drugs then pick up a few of these “Magic Mushrooms”.  That or you could just screw with your friends that have permanently fried their brain and pretend to not see them.

I have a couple of friends like that, when you invite them over it's a bit like hiring a clown for a child's party.  They are there as the entertainment.

The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

As I type this up, I am currently staring at the chandelier in my dining room. The rental company decided it hung a little too low. So instead of being thorough and making a nice clean job of shortening the wire they just hooked the chain it hangs from a little higher and let the excess chain and cord sort of hang there.

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The Firewinder Outdoor Light runs off the wind

There are quite a few solar powered items out now, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. Well now you can stand out from your neighbors and have this wind powered one.

Fairy Office Lights are silly but cute

A few days back I wrote up a usb hub that happened to have a task light attached, the usefulness of the light was a bit of a stretch. However, at least there was the hub so it was still a practical and useful item. Yet this string of fairy lights can only be described as shiny.

The USB 4-Port Hub with Notebook Light

If you're looking for a USB hub with more than one use, besides being one of the many that just happens to look cool. This little guy is a nice alternative, it not only has 4 different ports but a light as well.

The HomeStar Spa turns your bathroom into a planetarium

If you enjoy your baths but candlelight isn't quite the right mood for you, this cool little planetarium is definitely great for those that are in need of mood lighting. With this you can lay back as it casts pretty starry skies onto your walls.

It makes me wish I could sit still long enough to soak in the tub, however, I just tend to enjoy showers way more. For those that aren't as squirmy as I am, you can also flip the planetarium over and have it cast different colors and designs into the water itself.

The Homestar Spa from SEGA Toys is being sold for $70. It might also be cool for those with hot tubs to give different lighting than the boring colored bulbs that are usually featured in hot tubs.

[via geekologie]

Ted Lights made out of old teacups

Those that have a thing for tea time can show their love for teacups even when they've had their fill of chamomile for the day. These little lights are made using old tea cups random teacups, giving them each a unique look.

The Dandilight Floor Lamp

As of this past spring this cute little dandelion was made available to purchase.  The cute little puff ball is meant to resemble the last point a dandelion reaches, when you can blow the seeds into the wind.

The lamp has a resin cast shade and an aluminum stand and would look great in any contemporary home.  From the looks of the site it appears that there are two different sizes.

The Lamp Chop Light takes out all the excess

This Lamp Chop Light reminds me of a pop up book, except it's for you wall and it actually has a real function. Not that pop up books aren't cool and all, but half the time the story to go with the pictures that propelled themselves at you, were practically nonexistent.